Should I Pursue Her Even After Being Put In The Friend Zone?

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Should I Pursue Her Even After Being Put In The Friend Zone?

You shouldn’t.

If she has put you in the friend zone, it is for a reason.

Many guys in this position will often make themselves believe that the girl will eventually come around to liking them.

They just tell themselves that they have seen too many signs from her in the past that would indicate that she likes them.

They convince themselves that she may have put them in the friend zone because she just needs more time to come to accept that she actually likes them romantically.

These guys will often continue pursuing the girl as a result.

They have made themselves hopeful.

Unfortunately, their pursuit typically ends in heartbreak when the girl in question starts dating some new guy out of nowhere.

Now you are in disbelief.

After all, you truly believed that this friend zone situation would just be temporary.

You truly believed that this girl just needed more time to come to accept that she actually has romantic feelings for you.

Well, she didn’t.

Again, there is a reason why she put you in the friend zone.

By doing this, she is shutting out any idea that the both of you could become romantic one day so as not to complicate her relationship with you.

This is certainly not a good place to be.

If you continue to pursue her after being put in the friend zone by her, you would only become more and more emotionally invested in someone who doesn’t look at you at all romantically.

She may like you as a person.

She may enjoy talking and even hanging out with you.

However, she doesn’t see you as romantic potential.

You would only be expending precious time and energy on a girl who just doesn’t see you in the way that you would want her to.

You would actually lose out on other romantic opportunities with other girls that may take an interest in you being that you are spending all your time and energy in trying to get this girl to like you romantically.

She has made up her mind that she only sees you as a friend.

It would be very difficult for you to break her out of this mindset.

If you pursue her even after being put in the friend zone, you could easily become more of a resentful or jealous person.

You may notice her getting the attention of other guys and become bitter.

This is what could easily lead to resentment and jealousy.

This kind of energy is never good when you hope to attract women in general.

They will sense that you are just not happy about yourself and avoid you as a result.

This means that if you were to reach this point of feeling constant resentment and jealousy, you would not even be able to even attract other girls.

This is never a good place to be.

Though you may like this girl, she doesn’t feel the same way about you.

This is just something that you cannot force.

The feeling is either there or it isn’t.

You would be better off accepting the fact that she only sees you as a friend and start taking advantage of all the other opportunities for romance with other girls that are out there.

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