Can You Really Get Out Of The Friend Zone?

Can You Really Get Out Of The Friend Zone?

Yes, you can get out of the friend zone.

The key is to avoid becoming too close of a friend to a girl that you are already attracted to and romantically interested in.

The trap that guys often put themselves in is when they become too good of a friend to a girl that they like romantically.

They run the risk of the girl not being able to see them as a romantic prospect because she is so used to the guy being her friend.

To get out of the friend zone, you have to maintain a certain aloofness when it comes to being a girl’s friend.

You cannot be too available to her.

You should have a busy life of your own.

Turn her down often when she asks to hang out.

Avoid answering all her texts immediately. Ignore some of them.

This is highly effective.

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It allows you to interact with her on your own terms, not on hers.

This gives the girl the impression that your time is limited and thereby she will value the time that she does get to hang out with you or chat with you.

You should also maintain a good level of sexual tension between the both of you.

Have risque conversations that tease her sexually, but in a goodhearted way.

Make dirty jokes.

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Talk about what you like to do in bed.

You don’t have to get so detailed of course.

There is a fine line between being titillating and being vulgar.

The goal here is to get her comfortable talking about intimate topics with you.

The more you open her up to talking about sex or intimate things that she is into, the more you set her mind into that mode of thinking.

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Again, you should be smart when you do this.

Every conversation shouldn’t be just about something sexual.

However, you should be consistent with having this kind of talk.

Doing so will set you apart from all of her guy friends who are playing it safe by only talking to her about safe platonic topics so as not to offend her.

Being unavailable to her quite often and maintaining this kind of sexual tension when you do interact with her will get you out of the friend zone with her.

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As long as she plays along, you are making her that much more comfortable talking to you in this way.

She doesn’t talk to her other platonic guy friends like this.

By keeping this sexual tension going between the both of you and ensuring that she gets the impression that your time is tight, you will put yourself in a much better position to get her to start liking you romantically.

This is especially true if you start mentioning other girls that you have been interacting with to her in some of your conversations.

It may be another girl friend that you have or even a coworker.

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Make sure that it is a girl that she doesn’t know personally nor have any connection with.

Speak well of the girl.

Talk about something the both of you did the other day or something interesting or funny that the girl said.

Make it a habit to bring her up in your conversations.

There is a good chance that at some point she will become curious about this girl and may ask you questions about her.

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This is often a sign that she is beginning to like you and is worried that another girl could win you over as her boyfriend.

From here, you may notice that she will initiate more and more sexual conversations and flirtation with you.

You will just get the sense that she is beginning to try a lot harder to get your attention and make you like her.

Once she has reached this point, asking her out would most likely result in a date.

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