Waited Too Long And Now She Has A Boyfriend?

Waited Too Long And Now She Has A Boyfriend?This is what tends to happen when you wait too long to make a move on a girl you like.

When you allow yourself to give in to your fears and assumptions, you will lose.

She now has a boyfriend and that golden opportunity has passed you by. This is why you shouldn’t waste time thinking things through when you like a girl.

Even if she is showing signs that she is interested in you, she will only wait on you for so long.

If you don’t make a move to talk to her and ask her out, she will eventually accept the offer from another guy who had the guts to do it.

Understand that she will most likely not be the one to make this kind of move on you.

If you keep waiting around hoping that she makes a move on you, you could be waiting for a good long while or into eternity.

Listen, you can’t have a defeatist attitude when it comes to making a move on a girl.

Try not to get caught up in all the stories that your mind is telling you.

It may tell you that you need to wait a little longer until the time is perfect to make your approach or ask her out.

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It may tell you that she is not in a good mood today or hasn’t been all week so you have to wait until she gets into a better mood.

It may tell you that she is going away on a trip in a few days and you should wait until she gets back.

It may tell you that she is still dealing with emotional baggage from her previous relationship and you should wait until she has gotten over it.

It may tell you that she is talking to a number of guys at this time and it may be better if you waited until she begins to focus only on you.

Well, quite frankly, these are all delay tactics that will hurt you.

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You really have to understand that you can’t allow your mind to get the best of you.

Taking control of it is the best thing you can do in situations like this.

You can’t wait around hoping for the right opportunity.

If the girl is single and available, the right opportunity is now.

You have to understand this.

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The next time you are around a girl that you like romantically, ask her out and let the chips fall where they may.

If you use a defeatist attitude, you will always find an excuse to wait or not ask her out at all.

Why do you think this guy is now her boyfriend?

It wasn’t because he waited.

It was because he saw an opportunity and took it.

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Could he have been denied?

Sure he could have. However, he was willing to take that chance and didn’t allow his mind to overwhelm him with doubt.

This is the kind of approach you should have in future encounters with girls that you are interested in.

Turn this negative into a positive.

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