We Like Each Other But We Both Just Got Out Of Serious Relationships

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We Like Each Other But We Both Just Got Out Of Serious RelationshipsWell, it’s a good idea to take things slow at this time.

If you have both just gotten out of serious relationships, you both need time to heal.

The danger that a lot of people make is to jump right into a new relationship right after a serious one has ended.

This can’t be ignored.

They do so because they believe that they need someone in their life to help them get over that past relationship.

They think that by getting right into another relationship, it will help them forget the old one.

This is a very common and unfortunate mistake.

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Getting into a new relationship right after having left an old one will only compound your problem.

You will naturally start comparing your current relationship with the old one. You will begin to draw parallels between the two.

When you do this, it will be very hard to allow your current relationship to simply grow and develop on its own strength.

There will always be the shadow of the relationship that you just got out of applying pressure on your current relationship.

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This makes it very difficult to allow your current relationship to flourish.

This is why oftentimes these kinds of relationships simply don’t last.

You also have to be aware that you will be looking to this new relationship to give you an emotional boost.

You will be looking to this new relationship to make you feel better about yourself and give you a sense of self worth.

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The truth is that you can only begin to feel a real boost to your sense of worth and emotional well-being when you have allowed yourself the time to recover from your past relationship.

Your mind is still preoccupied with what happened in your previous relationship.

Your thoughts are still very fresh about this previous relationship.

When your thoughts and experiences are still so fresh, how will you be able to open yourself up to this new relationship?

This is a near impossible task.

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Just think about what it is like when you are busy performing a particular task and something else comes up.

What tends to happen?

You are multitasking as you divide your attention between two or three tasks.

When you are in this kind of situation, something is almost always given less attention than it should.

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This is because you are engaged in too much at once. Your mind is simply too preoccupied with everything going on to give what requires your full attention any fighting chance.

This can be said about your current situation.

Your mind is preoccupied.

The previous relationship is still very fresh in your mind.

To get into a new relationship would only further complicate your mind.

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Your mind needs time to clean itself out so that it is open to new prospects.

Even though you like each other, you should both be patient. You should both understand the importance of giving it time.

You can spend this period simply building a friendship and nothing more.

The more time you give each other between relationships, the easier it will be to come to a place of mutual understanding and a fresh perspective.

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It may take weeks or even months but the wait is worth it.

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