We Like Each Other But We Both Just Got Out Of Serious Relationships

Having gotten out of serious relationships, a period for healing is required for either party.

We Like Each Other But We Both Just Got Out Of Serious RelationshipsKeeping this in mind, proceed slowly.

Without this period, diving right into a new relationship is fraught with warning signs.

Don’t misconstrue this period of healing as redundant.

It isn’t.

And it requires that you take some time out for yourself.

Some people believe that getting into a new relationship facilitates the healing process, but this is far from accurate.

Desperate, they hope this new relationship aids them in forgetting the old one.

Unfortunately, it compounds the problem.

An inevitable comparison of your current and previous relationship is done, drawing parallels between the two.

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When you do this, the current relationship struggles to grow and develop on its own strength.

The shadow of your previous relationship weighs on your current relationship, smothering it, preventing it from flourishing.

This is why getting into new relationships soon after an old one instantly puts that new relationship on life support awaiting its inevitable demise.

Besides bringing someone new into your life too prematurely, there are selfish reasons behind a new relationship happening this soon.

The previous relationship hurt your feelings and you are in dire need of an emotional boost.

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You look to a new relationship to feel better about yourself and give you a sense of self-worth.

On the contrary, the most authentic and long-lasting emotional boost is derived from spending a period of time healing from the previous relationship before getting into a new one.

A new relationship this soon isn’t fair on your new partner.

No matter how much you believe you have moved on, there are good odds you haven’t.

A part of your mind is preoccupied with what happened in your previous relationship.

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Your thoughts about it remain fresh, leaving you emotionally unavailable to fully open up to your partner in the new relationship.

Wholeheartedly opening up to this new partner is a near impossible task.

Just think about what it is like when you are busy performing a particular task and something else comes up.

What happens?

You are multitasking, dividing your attention between two or three tasks.

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When you are in this situation, something is given less attention than it deserves, as you are involved in too much at once.

Your mind is too preoccupied with everything going on to give what requires your full attention a fighting chance.

This is your current situation.

Your mind is preoccupied, the previous relationship remaining fresh in your mind.

This new relationship has further complicated the bedlam that are your thoughts, leaving you ill-equipped to fully devote your mind and emotions to it.

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An open mind is a must.

Emotional availability is a prerequisite to any successful relationship.

Now isn’t the time to get into another relationship.

It’s the time to get right with yourself and give your mind and emotions are period of healing.

Even though you like each other, be patient.

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Recognize how critical it is to give it time.

As you work on yourself during this period of healing, simultaneously build a platonic friendship with this person.

In time, once you are both fully healed, a romance has a possibility of brewing from your platonic friendship.

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