One-sided Relationship?

One-sided Relationship?

Staying in a one-sided relationship is never a good idea.

If you have a partner that doesn’t put out much effort into the relationship, you should not allow this to keep happening.

All of this may have started because you tend to be overzealous when it comes to relationships.

Perhaps you are just too giving.

You may believe that this is how you should behave when you start dating someone on a serious level.

Perhaps you worry that if you don’t do this, you will lose the person.

Perhaps you just so happen to be a very giving person when it comes to relationships.

Whatever the reason may be, it really has to stop.

Your approach to relationships should be that of equality.

There needs to be a balance in how the both of you give to each other.

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If you are always the one who gives the most, you will often end up losing.

Your partner may easily take you for granted.

Believing that they don’t have to put in any real work into the relationship, they let you take up most of the responsibility for it.

You find yourself being the one setting up dates or times that you will both hang out.

You find yourself constantly being the one showing the majority of the affection.

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You find yourself constantly being the one who is initiating contact and trying to keep conversations going.

It almost gets to the point where maintaining this one-sided relationship starts feeling like work.

When you approach relationships in this way, you can easily lull your partner into laziness.

They may not have even intended to get this way.

Perhaps they were just as excited as you were to get into a relationship.

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Perhaps they had thought about all the experiences the both of you would share as a team.

However, when you started doing everything in the relationship, they may have been taken by surprise at first.

Then, when you kept it up, they may have come to accept it.

Perhaps they rationalized your behavior by telling themselves that this must be what you like to do in relationships and what gives you pleasure.

Hence, they weren’t going to get in your way.

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This is how you can easily lull a partner who may have been just as contributory to a relationship with you into laziness.

Now, they are so used to how much you give that it has become the norm.

But, you are now left weary because you feel like the relationship is too one-sided.

Again, you may be in the habit of getting yourself into this position when it comes to relationships.

You should stop it.

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If you feel that your current relationship is one-sided, you should have a talk with your partner.

Be civil.

However, you should let them know that you would like for the relationship to be more evenly balanced in terms of effort.

Do not ask for anything more from them than what you have already been doing.

Tell them that you would like for them to help out more when it comes to planning out dates or hangouts.

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Tell them that you would like for them to put in more effort into initiating contact or conversation.

Again, as long as these are all areas that you have been doing all the work in, there is nothing unfair in you asking your partner to share in the responsibility equally.

If your partner truly cares about the relationship, he will start doing his share.

If he doesn’t, then it may not be wise to stay with him.

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