Can A Simple And Funny Guy Like Me Ever Get A Girlfriend?

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Can A Simple And Funny Guy Like Me Ever Get A Girlfriend?


It just depends on how you go about it.

If you believe that you are a simple and funny guy, you shouldn’t be hesitant to let that be seen.

However, you shouldn’t use that sense of who you are as a means by which you tell yourself that you wouldn’t be able to ever get a girlfriend because your personality wouldn’t attract a girl.

This is how you can end up being your own worst enemy.

You need to understand your personality and who you are and accept that. You need to own it and be proud of it.

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If you feel that your personality is lacking because you are a simple guy, you may end up giving off the wrong kind of energy to a girl.

Now, you should understand that a lot of girls will often judge your personality as a whole.

In other words, they will look to what you are about.

They may not just want to judge you based on the initial impression that they are getting about your personality.

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They would most likely look to other facets of your personality as well.

This is because they are trying to identify with you in some way.

They are trying to see if there are things in common that they have with you.

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Hence, even if they notice that you are funny, they may also take into account what your other personality traits are so that they can better understand whether you would be the best match for them.

So, try not to get so caught up in simply focusing on the fact that you believe yourself to be simple and funny.

Those are only two factors about your personality and a girl is often going to look for more.

Hence, it is important that you don’t allow yourself to get caught up in a bubble where you simply show these two facets of your personality.

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You have the best shot at getting a girlfriend when you are willing to show a girl a good number of your personality traits.

In other words, avoid simply sticking with where you are most comfortable in terms of the personality traits that you let a girl see.

She wants to see as much of your personality as you are able to show her.

Hence, the more multi-dimensional your personality is, the more likely she will be intrigued by your personality.

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Again, like I mentioned earlier, she will often want to observe or know of other personality traits that you may have because she may want to find things in common with you.

She may even want to see if there are things about your past that she can identify with and has perhaps experienced as well.

This is why it is important that you show more of what your personality has to offer as opposed to strictly sticking to one or two of your personality traits.

Again, a girl loves a multi-dimensional guy.

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If it is really easy for her to put your personality in a box because there isn’t much else to it, it is less likely she would be intrigued by you.

This means that she would be a lot less excited to get to know you which reduces your chances of ever making her your girlfriend at some point in the future.

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You want her to be excited to get to know you because that would stimulate her mentally.

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