Why Can’t I Seem To Find A Girlfriend When Others Make It Seem So Easy?

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Why Can't I Seem To Find A Girlfriend When Others Make It Seem So Easy?

You may be finding it hard to find a girlfriend while others make it seem so easy because girls can sense that you are all about finding a girlfriend.

They may be getting the sense that this is all you want and nothing more.

You desire this above all else.

As a result, you may be acting in a way that comes off as either trying too hard or desperate.

Girls can easily be turned off by this.

Girls are typically drawn to guys who seem like they are perfectly happy in their own lives and aren’t desperately looking for a girlfriend.

These kind of guys are usually quite content with who they are and what they want out of life.

They tend to have something going on in their lives that takes a good amount of their time.

They don’t seem desperate or in need of a relationship.

They tend to have very healthy relationships with their friends and their hobbies.

These are the kind of guys that would be a challenge to a girl.

Girls love a challenge like this. It makes them feel even more special when they catch the guy.

They feel like they caught someone of value.

They don’t want to feel like this guy is going to be living vicariously through them.

This is because he would typically have an active and full life.

She just wants to become a part of it.

You should observe your behavior and your mindset around girls.

Do you try too hard at times?

In essence, are you always trying to please girls and make them like you?

Are you always afraid to say something controversial because you are worried that it will ruin your chances with girls?

Are you always going out of your way to compliment them profusely or give them special treatment?

When you do things like this, you are acting desperate and trying too hard.

It is difficult for most girls to take you seriously when you are like this.

She has no sense of excitement or thrill because she can already predict how you will behave.

It just doesn’t make it any fun for her.

This is something that you will have to stop if you want to find a girlfriend.

You want girls to notice you and even chase you.

They will not do this if they already know that they can get you this easily and that you will do everything they say.

Girls like feeling like they have someone that can handle them and be the man.

You would not be the man when you agree to everything she says.

On the flip side, you may be trying too little.

In essence, you aren’t attempting to be around girls and talk to them.

You will have to develop this attitude of being at ease with talking to girls.

You don’t have to be flirting or trying to hit on them all the time.

You can simply make conversation. Talk about anything that comes to mind and just allow yourself to be lose and free.

You will notice that the more you talk to girls in general, the more you learn what they enjoy talking about.

This will help to increase your range of topics with future girls that you talk to.

As you get more and more comfortable just talking to girls, they will become more and more attached to you and what you have to say.

At this point, you will have a good chance at getting some of them to be interested in you and you may find your girlfriend.

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