How Can You Tell What A Girl Wants?

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How Can You Tell What A Girl Wants?

If she reacts in a positive way to what you are doing, you can tell what she wants.

You can tell that whatever it is that you have been doing is appealing to her because she reacts with a positive approval or a smile.

If she doesn’t react positively, she doesn’t want it.

You may make some mistakes along the way.

You may do some things that she doesn’t approve of.

You will know through her body language and the way she behaves.

When there is a lack of touching nor an interest in wanting to be around you physically, you have gotten your answer.

You now know that you should avoid doing whatever it was again, if you want to keep winning her favor.

A lot of girls want to feel good.

They want to feel like you love and desire them.

Hence, they truly love attention.

They want to get the sense that you really care and want to be around them.

This is true of most girls, but it shouldn’t be taken too far.

You shouldn’t give her the impression that you don’t have a life and are simply living vicariously through her.

However, you should still give her the impression that she is an important part of your world by giving her a good amount of one on one attention.

She would most likely react in a positive way to this.

She would return the favor by calling you more or she may want to hang out more often.

This is how you know that you are giving her what she wants.

You simply observe how she reacts to it.

There is a lot a girl can say non-verbally.

Watch for this.

You simply need to observe her body language and non-verbal cues.

You can also tell what a girl wants by how she talks about you to family and friends or how she reacts to you on social media.

If she is always talking about you in a positive way to her family and friends, she is showing that whatever you have been doing has been working.

Hence, if you want her to stay in this mode of thinking, keep doing whatever you’ve been doing.

As far as social media, you may notice her being very supportive of what you post online.

She may leave comments, likes or most importantly try to have a live chat with you while you are both online.

If she is supporting your social media presence, she is approving of what she is seeing and interacting with.

If you notice that she tends to like photos you post of your extracurricular activities, she is telling you that she approves of them.

Perhaps you are into nature or travel. You may have posted photos showing your travels or different natural landscapes.

If she is liking these photos, she is showing you that she likes what you do.

She may be finding a connection with you through common interests.

This is what she is telling you that she wants.

She wants the both of you to find a common connection in your interests.

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