Got The Number Of A Girl But Don’t Know What To Say?

Got The Number Of A Girl But Don't Know What To Say?

Say something funny.

This is a great way to break the ice with a girl.

Girls love to laugh.

It makes her feel good and helps to ingratiate you to her.

You could try telling her about something that has happened to you in the past that was funny.

You can give her a small anecdote about it and finish with asking her if she has had or witnessed an experience like that.

You could talk about a harmless insecurity you have and give her a funny anecdote about how that has hampered you in the past.

Listen, it is all about finding a way to make her laugh and seeing if you can draw some parallels with her in her own experience.

This can really help to create an instant connection.

Make her laugh and you have her attention.

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Something else you can do is expand on what you already know about her.

Think back to the conversation you had with her before you got her number.

The conversation may not have lasted that long.

Well, now that you got her number, you can expand on that conversation and can say something in reference to it.

You can tell her that you were curious about this or that.

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You could ask her further questions about something that she mentioned during the conversation.

This can have a very effective impact on her because it can make her feel like you were paying attention to the conversation.

Girls love guys who actually listen to what they have to say.

It makes her feel as though he is interested in more than just her outward appearance.

He was actually paying attention to what she had to say.

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This can really win you some brownie points in her book and it allows the both of you to continue the conversation from where you left off.

Something else you can do now that you got her number is flirt with her.

You can give her a compliment about something that you noticed about her the other day when you met her and ultimately got her number.

It may have been the outfit she was wearing and how much more amazing she appeared compared to everyone else who was there or it could have been a manner in which she smiled at you.

You can flirt by complimenting her on something like this.

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It allows her to recollect the day she met you and also be impressed that you were able to remember those details.

You could even become more detailed to impress her even more.

If you noticed that she was wearing a certain perfume, you could even mention it by name or tell her that it smelled familiar and then ask whether that was Chanel or something like that.

Mention a well-known brand that has credibility.

She would see this as a compliment and may return it with telling you the correct brand name that she was actually wearing and also complimenting you in some way.

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These are just some of the avenues by which you can go about flirting.

In the end, just be lighthearted and fun when you contact her.

The more fun and lighthearted you seem, the more likely she will want to see you again.

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