What Are The Main Things That Girls Notice About A Guy?

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What Are The Main Things That Girls Notice About A Guy?

Girls typically notice a guy’s smile.

It is what can typically grab their attention and even hypnotize them, particularly if they find the guy attractive.

When a girl notices the smile of a guy that she is attracted to or somewhat intrigued by, it makes her think.

It makes her wonder what more there is to the guy.

It gives the guy a degree of personality that makes her curious.

She may not know the guy personally but instantly she begins to wonder about what type of guy he is.

She may wonder if they have anything in common and what it would be like to get into a conversation with him.

In essence, that smile begins to bring out a number of thoughts in her mind.

It starts making her visualize certain scenarios.

That smile has had a very powerful effect on her. If he hadn’t smiled, she may not have noticed him at all.

She may have simply gone about her day and not thought twice about the guy.

Another main thing that girls notice on a guy is his posture.

They notice how he carries himself and how he moves.

It is a way for them to judge whether the guy they are looking at is confident or not.

Determining this alone can be a major factor in a girl’s level of attraction for a guy or desire for a guy.

She may observe how he walks or stands.

She may observe how he maneuvers himself through a room.

She may watch how he moves his hands and head.

Is his head down or is it up?

Is he moving with purpose or does it look like he has no idea where he is?

Is he being assertive with his hand gestures or are his hands crossed over his chest?

In essence, she observes him.

These movements alone can help her determine whether this is a confident self-assured guy or not.

If she feels that he is an assertive guy, he may have her attention for a while.

She may hope that he looks in her direction at some point during the time that he is in her vicinity.

She may wait for it.

She may be hoping that he even comes towards her direction at some point.

If she is a confident girl as well, she may already know that if he was to lock eyes with her, she would hold the eye contact for a while just to let him know that she is interested.

If she is a shy girl, she may be worried about what she should do if he were to come her way.

She figures that she may try to glance at him but may have to quickly look away.

Another main thing that girls notice on a guy is how communicative and expressive he is.

In essence, they notice how well he is able to communicate with others around him and how effective he is in engaging with these people.

In other words, they notice his social skills.

Many girls are social creatures by nature and would be able to identify with a guy who is likewise and be drawn to that as a result.

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