Do Guys Like The Girls That Are Independent?

Do Guys Like The Girls That Are Independent?

A lot of guys like girls that are independent.

For a lot of these guys, an independent girl is someone that they know would be willing to speak her mind and let them know what she likes and doesn’t.

An independent girl is also someone that will most likely be upfront and honest with them.

In essence, she may be able to convey her opinion on something or her feelings about something without leaving the guy having to do a whole bunch of guess work.

This can be really attractive to a guy because it lets him know where he stands with a girl.

An independent girl would also be able to make suggestions about activities that they could do that he may not have been able to come up with on his own.

She may have had experiences in her life that he would be able to learn from and experience if he were to partake in those experiences with her as well.

So, there is a level of relief that some guys have when it comes to independent girls because they suddenly realize that the girl may be very helpful in keeping the interaction fresh and exciting by making suggestions.

An independent girl would also be able to let a guy be himself to an extent because he would feel that they may have something really strong in common.

In other words, if she is an independent woman who has dreams and goals about something that she would love to accomplish in life and the guy is also an ambitious guy, he would feel a stronger connection with her.

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He would find it a lot easier to talk about his own personal goals and ambitions because they share that same kind of drive.

Hence, an independent woman can actually get a guy who is also ambitious out of his shell.

He would feel a lot more comfortable expressing his goals and ambitions to her without feeling like he is bragging or acting like he is better than his date.

This is one of the most profound effects an independent girl can have on a guy who is equally as ambitious as she is.

Being an independent girl can truly be appealing to a lot of guys.

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The only time that being an independent girl can become a problem for most guys is when she acts as though she is too good for the guy.

In essence, if she were to act as though by being independent, she is head above the rest.

He may sense arrogance in her and that would be a problem.

When an independent girl also has a habit of not being attentive to what the guy has to say and is entirely caught up in her own life, accomplishments and ambitions, she will turn most guys off.

The guy will feel as thought all she cares about is herself and that she is working way too hard to validate herself to him.

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It is a lot more effective and a guy would be a lot more turned on by an independent girl when she already has an air of natural confidence about herself without feeling the need to act as though she is better than everyone else.

He would respect that kind of authenticity from the girl.

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