Best Way To Tell A Girl I Want To Be More Than Friends Because I Really Like Her?

Best Way To Tell A Girl I Want To Be More Than Friends Because I Really Like Her?

The best way to tell a girl that you want to be more than friends because you really like her is to ask her out on an official date.

You need to keep this simple and straightforward.

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of guys make when they have a friend that they really like is that they say too much.

They get so caught up in letting this girl know every single reason why they like her that by the time they are done, she is mentally exhausted.

What was all of that for?

Perhaps you believed that it would only make your case that much sweeter but in all honestly you may really wind up either making her feel that you are way too into her or that you are desperate.

You don’t want to scare her off.

You don’t want to suddenly make her feel like she has to find a fabricated way to match your level of unfettered interest.

This may make her feel so much pressure.

This is the kind of pressure that could lead her to tell you that she would rather keep you as a friend even though she may have been willing to actually go out with you.

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However, you would have ruined it by lavishing her with so much praise that she is afraid that she simply can’t match that.

How would she be able to match that level of interest when she hasn’t had the opportunity to get to know you on a romantic level?

She hasn’t had the opportunity to actually go out with you romantically and see if there is mutual chemistry.

She hasn’t had the opportunity to see a different side of you that she doesn’t know besides that of friendship.

You didn’t give her this opportunity because you scared her away by being overzealous.

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Practice moderation and simplicity.

Keep your words to a minimum.

Tell her that you would like to take her out for lunch, or to the local coffee shop, juice or yogurt bar to chat.

Yes, it can be that simple.

Avoid making this such a big deal.

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Avoid trying to come up with a really elaborate date plan just so that you can impress her.

Avoid getting ahead of yourself by envisioning how much you will shower her with gifts and roses on that “amazing” first date.

This honestly doesn’t help your course. If anything, when she learns just how ostentatious and bloated your plans are for a date, she may worry that you are taking this too seriously too soon.

That alone may push her away.

She may have been totally willing to go along with you on this date but now you have ruined it by taking things too far.

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She doesn’t need all of this to know how much you like her.

Just asking her out on a simple date would suffice. At this point you can let the date take you where it will.

If there is genuine romantic chemistry there, you will both experience it and may go on date two and more.

However, this is all predicated on the importance of keeping things simple at the start.

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