Should You Try To Date If You Are An Insecure Person?

You shouldn’t try to date if you are an insecure person, given how much of a disadvantage you are at.

Should You Try To Date If You Are An Insecure Person?By dating, you bring those insecurities into the relationship, making it that much harder for the relationship to work.

Figure out why you are insecure.

Be really intent on finding out the source of your insecurity.

When you are able to identify the source, it is easier to figure out a way to beat it.

An insecurity about your looks for example, requires that you figure out what exactly it is about your looks that makes you insecure.

If it is your face, either groom it a lot better, or learn to love and accept it.

You are born with the face that you have.

This is your reality.

You believe that it isn’t attractive but this is only your opinion.

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Being rejected in the past isn’t enough for you to surmise that it had to do with your face.

You are purely assuming that it was your face.

You were rejected because the person was not at a place in their life where they felt comfortable pursuing a relationship with anyone.

In which case, this person actually did you a favor by rejecting you.

You have to start interpreting your negative experiences in a totally different way.

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Understand that beauty is subjective.

What one person finds unattractive, another person might not.

Don’t judge your looks based on rejection.

There is someone out there who totally finds you attractive.

This person does exist.

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Getting out of your social circle gives you a better play at being seen by this person.

This is one way that you can conquer your insecurity with your looks.

Either groom yourself or accept yourself.

Insecurity caused by a feeling that you aren’t socially viable with most people, calls for you to look inward and ask yourself why.

Do you have a hard time making new friends?

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Do you have a hard time talking to people?

Well, when a sense of social awkwardness is the reason for your insecurity, talk to people that aren’t within your social circle.

This means that you get into a pattern of talking to strangers.

These are strangers at work, the post office, the grocery store, or a bus stop.

Get into the habit of talking to people that you don’t know.

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In time, you get increasingly comfortable doing this and won’t feel so socially awkward.

Start with something as simple as a hello and let the conversation flow from there.

This doesn’t need to be difficult.

It is quite painless when you just put out some effort.

You are not going out of your way to find these people.

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These are people that you come across in your everyday life.

These are all exercises that help you stop being insecure.

Once you are no longer insecure, you can date without the fear that your insecurity leads the relationship astray.

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