Does He Like Me Or Not?

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Does He Like Me Or Not?He may like you if he tends to look at you often and smile at you.

If he tends to follow this up with conversation as well and possibly flirting, this is even a stronger sign that he likes you.

On the other hand, he may be looking at you from time to time but not smiling.

If he is doing this, he may like you but is too nervous to make a move on you.

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Hence, he may be really shy.

He may also be hoping that you look back at him and smile.

Thereby, he may actually be looking for a sign of interest from you that you may not be giving him.

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As a result, he just keeps looking without smiling or any facial expression on his face because he doesn’t know what to make of how you are acting or whether you like him at all.

If this is a guy that you have talked to a few times and has given you compliments, there is a chance that he does like you.

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However, he hasn’t made a move to ask you out yet because he is not sure about how you feel about him.

He may be worried that by making a move, he would be putting himself in a really vulnerable position
without being certain about how you feel about him.

Being fearful of how you would react to asking you out is what would typically prevent him from doing so.

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You may not have given him compliments back or he may feel like your body language hasn’t shown him that you have any real attraction towards him.

Hence, in a scenario like this, you should ensure that you give him compliments as well and also use your body language to show him that you are into him.

It could be something as simple as touching him briefly on his arm as you talk to him. This kind of body language from you creates a physical connection and breaks the personal space barrier that most people have.

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Doing things like this will let him see that you are returning his affection and that he should feel encouraged to actually ask you out.

Now, if this is a guy that tends to flirt with you a lot but you also notice tends to flirt with other girls as well, he may not like you in particular.

There are some guys who just love to flirt without having to commit to anything.

This is the kind of guy that you may be dealing with.

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This is a guy who may call you beautiful one day and then the next day you hear him calling two other girls beautiful.

You should also be able to tell whether he likes you or not through how he communicates with you.

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If he rarely initiates phone calls or texts, there is a good chance that he doesn’t like you.

He may be alright with initiating on occasion but doesn’t feel that you are that important for him to initiate more often.

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2 thoughts on “Does He Like Me Or Not?”

  1. So there’s a guy I’ve been really liking for some time now. He gives me mixed signals , he’s hot then cold. He asked me once if I have a boyfriend I said no, but he never asked me out! I am so CONFUSED! I am feeling as though he’s a bit nervous to make a move. Am I supposed to make the move?!!?HELP!

  2. Hi Mary,

    He may need more clear signs from you to show him that you are interested. So, you may need to work on your body language and also engaging in conversations with him. The more comfortable he feels around you, the more likely he will ask you out if he likes you.

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