What’s With The Guys That Want To Get To Know You Through Text?

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What's With The Guys That Want To Get To Know You Through Text?

There are some guys that just prefer texting over anything else.

They like that it gives them a way to express themselves without having to talk.

They simply feel more comfortable getting to know a girl in this way.

They may feel that they have a better shot at being relatively interesting by using text.

In other words, they are just more comfortable being themselves through texting than through any other medium.

When they are more comfortable with themselves, they would be more comfortable with getting to know someone as well through text.

You may find that these guys tend to communicate in the same way with people who are close to them such as family or friends.

They are in their element when they text.

However, when a guy has gotten to know a girl on a much better basis, his natural inclination should be to either want to communicate with her in person or over the phone.

If you have noticed that it has been a while since you started interacting with this guy and he is still only texting, there may be a problem.

There has to be a point where the relationship moves up to a whole new level.

If he were to continue only texting you, he may be indicating that he isn’t that serious about you.

When a guy is serious about a girl, he will want to see her as often as he can and hear her voice.

This is an important part of the courtship process that allows the experience to become a lot more poignant and real.

A text interaction can only go so far.

There is an impersonal feel to text communication that doesn’t bode well for a budding relationship if that is all that is being done.

If he has spent a lot of time getting to know you through text and hasn’t moved on to other means of communication, this may also indicate that he hasn’t reached the level of emotional involvement that you are in.

You may actually be liking this guy a lot more than he is liking you.

Again, a guy who likes a girl would want to see her and talk to her.

He would want to hear her voice.

If he was the type who preferred texting at first, he would reach the point where he would want to go beyond that.

If he is still only getting to know you through text and it has been a considerable time since the both of you started interacting, he may be indicating that he doesn’t want a real romance with you.

He may enjoy the conversations that he has with you via text and may even be willing to fool around with you, but he isn’t willing to take it any further.

If you are feeling really uncertain and concerned by all this, don’t be afraid to let him know how you feel.

You should give him the impression that you have no problem with communicating by text but you would also like to see him as well or hear his voice.

At this point, if he truly cares about you and the relationship, he should acquiesce.

If he doesn’t acquiesce or he gives you a very ambiguous response, you may want to move on from this guy as he may be wasting your time.

Letting him know exactly how you want him to interact with you, will give him a good sense of where you stand.

It would also make him realize that you don’t want the status quo and that may force him to truly come to terms with how he feels about you and where he wants this interaction to lead.

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