If You Confront Someone About Lying And They Ignore You, Does It Just Confirm Your Suspicions?

When you are confronting someone, accusing them of lying, it is a jarring experience that frequently leads to finding yourself in a position where you get ignored.

If You Confront Someone About Lying And They Ignore You, Does It Just Confirm Your Suspicions?This is not a confirmation of your suspicions.

It’s a reaction to how you went about confronting the person.

A substantial number of people don’t like confrontation.

They are taken aback when confronted, and feel somewhat defenseless.

They are taken by surprise and find it hard to gather their thoughts in order to respond in an appropriate fashion.

Pointing the finger and accusing the person of lying isn’t going to confirm your suspicions.

It leads to getting ignored, being that the guy you are confronting believes that you are being rude and disrespectful in your behavior.

Instead of answering, he chooses to ignore you and stay away.

He chooses to avoid denying your accusation to save himself from having to hear you go on and on in a combative manner about what you are accusing him of.

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A lot of people don’t like confrontation and do everything they can to stay away from it.

This is why a combative approach isn’t any good in situations like this.

It’s easier to deduce whether someone is lying when you observe what their body language is like whenever you are talking to them around a topic that lightly touches on what you are suspecting them of.

As you repeatedly get him to engage in conversation with you, inconsistencies in his story develops.

Be patient and keep talking to him calmly, never letting on that you are suspicious of him about this issue

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When you engage in conversation with him like you would anyone else, you naturally get him to talk to you in a much more relaxed and open fashion.

He doesn’t know that you suspect him of lying, so he talks in a normal tone and with a steady mind.

As I mentioned earlier, the key is in observing the inconsistencies in his story.

This isn’t apparent in only one conversation with him.

It takes several conversations over a sustained period of time.

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As long as you use a calm and conversational approach, you eventually get your answer.

Simply approach it as though you are having conversation, and not as though you are trying to find something out.

This is unsuspicious, which leads him to speak without a filter.

The more comfortable you make them feel around you, the likelier they he opens up in his conversations with you.

You have to lull him into feeling this comfortable, if you want to get to the truth and confirm your suspicions.

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For now, get a hold of yourself.

Regardless of how much you feel that this person is lying, you don’t know that for sure.

It isn’t out of the question that you are wrong.

If you truly want to get to the truth, avoid making a prejudgment.

Keep your mind open to the possibilities.

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Every time you engage in conversation with him, be friendly.

Using this tactic, as opposed to going all out and confronting him about lying, is how you get to the truth.

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