What Do Girls Like In Guys?

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What Do Girls Like In Guys?

Girls like guys who have an edge.

They like guys that make them feel safe and protected.

They like guys who are assertive and go for what they want.

Girls often respond best to confident guys.

They respond best to guys that seem like they have a lot going for them and actually don’t need them.

Yes, don’t need them.

It can be very alluring to a girl when she notices a guy that has a busy life.

When she notices that he is really engaged in what he does, she will become curious.

She will want this guy to notice her because he becomes a challenge.

A guy who is so in tune with his hobbies and social life is a challenge for a girl.

He is not going to be giving her the kind of attention that she may be used to from other guys.

When he has the attitude that he could simply care less because he is that confident, she will want to be around him and get to know him.

She reads him as the kind of guy that is strong and exudes masculinity.

This is one of the reasons why most girls like bad boys. There is a swagger and a level of confidence in them that makes it very hard for a girl to resist.

They love the fact that he gets all this attention from other people in his life and that he tends to speak his mind and may even come off as harsh at times.

Now, you don’t have to be someone that you are not in order to get a girl to like you.

This would only lead to abject failure because at some point the girl will be able to read that you are being fake. At that point, it’s over.

All that hard work you put into being someone you weren’t has now gone to waste.

You truly shouldn’t be someone you aren’t. However, girls really like guys that make them feel good, excited and even a little nervous.

They want to get that rush of excitement when they see the guy or hear from him.

The way he carries himself can make them feel all these emotions at once.

If you learn to build your sense of confidence and develop a strong streak of independence, you can have a lot of success with getting girls to like you.

This doesn’t require that you change who you are. You are simply growing and applying yourself in a way that makes you a better person.

A good way to develop this kind of attitude is to begin to believe in yourself.

Understand that you are a dynamic person that has a lot going for them.

Start filling your life with passionate activities that puts you around others.

Believe in yourself and what you are capable of doing.

Start challenging yourself to do things that you never have.

You can climb that mountain.

You can ride that motorcycle.

You can travel.

You can learn those new dance moves.

You can do anything you want to because you believe in yourself.

This will make you more of who you are.

You may learn stuff about yourself that you never thought existed.

This makes you confident and independent.

This is what girls like in guys.

They like guys who have created a real life for themselves and aren’t waiting for a girl to save them. It makes them want to be a part of that guy’s exciting world.

It makes them want you.

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