Are Guys Who Smile Less Attractive To Girls Than Guys Who Have A Serious Face?

Are Guys Who Smile Less Attractive To Girls Than Guys Who Have A Serious Face?

Guys who smile aren’t less attractive to girls than guys who have a serious face.

It’s just that you need to make sure that all that smiling isn’t indicative of you being a pushover.

That is typically where girls will find a guy to be less attractive.

If the guy is a pushover, he is not a challenge.

If he is a pushover, he will be too obvious and overzealous about how much he is into the girl and this can be a total turn off.

This is why you need to be very careful when it comes to how you come across to a girl.

Smiling does not make you less attractive to her.

If you are the kind of guy who tends to smile a lot, you should go on being that person.

However, when you engage in conversation with her, you should not fall into the trap of thinking that you should agree with her on everything that she says simply because you are trying to be agreeable.

Again, the mistake that guys often make when they interact with a girl that they like is when they become pushovers.

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They want the girl to like them so badly that they aren’t willing to express an opinion because they know that it is contradictory to what the girl has just said.

This is not the kind of guy you should be.

Again, if you are a guy who just tends to smile a lot, you should keep being who you are.

However, you should always be willing to challenge a girl or disagree with her if you have a different opinion.

This is not about you being rude or being contradictory for its own sake.

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No, it is just about you being honest about who you are.

Many girls really respect guys who are willing to be this honest about themselves and tell them something that they may not be expecting.

A guy who has a serious face is not necessarily what will attract girls.

Some guys often have the notion that smiling makes them come off as too much of a nice guy.

They think that it is much better for them to have a serious face when it comes to becoming more attractive to girls because they believe that this makes them appear to be more of a bad boy or rebellious.

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You shouldn’t make yourself have a serious face with girls simply because you believe that this will make you appear to be less of a nice guy who smiles too much.

Even if you could pull off having a serious face and behaving accordingly, it will not last very long.

Eventually, your true nature will kick in.

Whatever girl that you had been making progress with would notice the change in behavior and may be turned off by it.

Now, all that hard work that you put into courting this girl over the course of the last few weeks has evaporated.

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You shouldn’t put yourself in this position.

If you aren’t the type of guy who is prone to having a serious face but would rather smile most of the time, then you should smile.

You will attract the right kind of girl to you.

Just remember to avoid being a pushover.

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