Can A Guy Be Too Confident?

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Can A Guy Be Too Confident?

Most girls are attracted to guys who are confident. The more confident, the better.

However, a guy can take things too far when his confidence becomes conceit.

This is when a lot of girls will get turned off.

If it feels like he is all about himself and can never think about the well-being of someone else, a girl may not want to get involved.

You will have to understand the difference between being truly confident and being conceited.

When you are truly confident, you don’t need to tell anyone that you are better than them or stick your nose up at them.

You will simply exude an air of confidence that needs no introduction.

This is typically the purest and truest form of it.

When you feel the need to tell everyone about all you have or what you have accomplished in life, you are being conceited.

You may believe that acting this way is only showing how incredibly confident you are.

However, many girls will look at this as a cover-up.

When a guy tries this hard to impress by spitting off his accomplishments or wearing an overabundance of gold, he may be hiding something.

He will often come off as though he is seeking the approval of people at large.

This is when you are now not only showing conceit but also insecurity.

In essence, you are now showing the opposite of confidence.

A girl may look at you as someone who is desperately seeking approval by being so showy.

You may actually give off the wrong kind of vibe.

A truly confident guy wouldn’t need to spout off everything he has accomplished.

There is an air of mystery that comes with him.

People can sense that he is accomplished and they are curious about what those accomplishments are.

People can sense that he has an air of security and may wonder where he gets it from.

They want to be a part of that.

They want to have some of it.

He becomes a magnet.

They are drawn to him because they want to be a part of that energy.

They are curious about him and hope that by being around him they can better themselves or learn something new.

This is when a confident guy really shines.

When a guy believes that he has to act overconfident in order to show confidence, he is merely being insecure.

Some girls may not be able to catch this at first. However, upon further interaction or observation, they will get it.

This is when they don’t want to be around this guy.

They know that he is being fake and that all he may try to do is show them just how much better he is than everyone else.

This doesn’t attract people in a positive way.

Hence, a guy can never really be too confident as long as he doesn’t allow the element of conceit or insecurity to become the undercurrent of his demeanor.

A confident smile can go a long way without having to follow that up with a huge entourage of fake friends.

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