My Personality Doesn’t Seem To Attract Girls I Am Interested In

Some guys have the misconception that their personality is the reason why girls aren’t attracted to them.

My Personality Doesn't Seem To Attract Girls I Am Interested InOn the contrary, it is your lack confidence.

Girls are attracted to a variety of personalities.

The main catalyst of your predicament is that girls sense you lack confidence.

You are playing mind tricks on yourself that affects your confidence.

By believing your personality is the reason why girls aren’t attracted to you, your behavior is affected, as you walk around moping, clearly exuding the air that you don’t believe you are a catch.

You act like you aren’t someone who is worth knowing.

When you act like that, it’s difficult for a girl to look at you and give you a shot.

She is instantly turned off by your lack of confidence.

Your main objective from here on out is to build your confidence.

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In building your confidence, your personality shines through without inhibitions.

Do this.

The power is in your hands.

Your personality attracts girls when they get the perception that you are comfortable with who you are and what you have to offer.

Consider the girls you are around.

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When you are perpetually around the same girls, the same result is likely.

Staying within your comfort zone as far as where you meet girls isn’t smart.

When girls are friends for an extended period of time, they develop a hive mind mentality, where they fall for the same archetype of guy.

Not every guy falls into that archetype.

You don’t.

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Breaking out of your everyday social circle of girl friends frees you from that archetype, exposing you to new girls in different arenas who are welcoming of your special brand of personality.

Build your passion in life.

Have adventures that your friends and family envy you for.


Learn how to do the tango or make your own music.

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Sign up for those ski lessons.

Work to bring your dreams and aspirations into your reality.

Some people are befallen by habitually waiting for their lives to change, as they expend next to no effort to influence the change.

Many hope and idly wait to meet the right girl that finally gives their life meaning.

Don’t be that person.

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Take charge of your life.

Don’t wait for life to happen to you, live life right now.

Go for your dreams and passions.

This has an amazing impact on your quality of life and on your personality.

Girls love guys who have passions and are living it.

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These are guys that take initiative with their life.

They aren’t waiting around for their lives to get better once they have a girlfriend in it.

Be this guy.

The guy that lives life without waiting for life to happen to him and your luck with women changes.

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