I Gave Him An Opening To Ask Me Out. Does He Sound Interested?

I Gave Him An Opening To Ask Me Out. Does He Sound Interested?

If he has asked you out, then he is clearly interested.

If he hasn’t asked you out yet, it could be for a variety of reasons.

If you did give him this opening to ask you out but he still didn’t do it, he may have acted this way because he isn’t interested in you.

If the both of you have been communicating for a while now and you have given him no reason to believe that you would react in a really negative way to his asking you out, he should have done so by now.

Hence, if he hasn’t asked, you should consider the possibility that he just isn’t interested in you.

On the other hand, there are guys who are so incredibly shy that they would hesitate to ask a girl out.

This may be another reason why he hasn’t asked you out yet.

To be certain that you are dealing with a shy guy, you should watch his mannerisms.

There are guys who are not shy at all in their daily lives but will be shy around the girl that they like.

Then there are guys who are shy all around, both in their daily lives and around the girl they like.

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Try to figure out which kind of shy guy you may be dealing with.

A good way to do this is to just observe how they act around other people.

If they are extroverted and talkative, then they aren’t shy in general.

If they aren’t extroverted and talkative and even tend to keep to themselves most of the time, there is a good chance that the guy is shy in general.

If you deduce that you are dealing with a guy who isn’t shy in general, then there may be something about you that is making him feel shy around you.

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In essence, he may feel intimidated somewhat or he may have the notion that you wouldn’t be interested in a guy like him romantically.

In a scenario like this, merely giving him an opening to ask you out isn’t really enough.

There has to be a build up of camaraderie first where he has observed just how lose and open you are as a person.

As he gets to observe this kind of extemporaneous body language over time, he will become more and more comfortable with the possibility of asking you out because he will begin to feel as though he has similar personality traits with you.

Once he starts feeling this kind of connection with you, he will be more prone to overcome his shyness around you and ask you out.

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If you are dealing with a guy who is shy in general, this will take a little bit more work.

You will have to talk to him about topics that he loves and is passionate about.

Show him a lot of attention as in acknowledging him when you see him and giving him consistent smiles.

Also, find ways to be self-deprecating and laugh at yourself as often as you can around him.

This allows him to see that you are still a human being with flaws just like he is.

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By coming to terms with this, he will stop putting you on such a high pedestal.

The less he does this, the more real you become to him.

If he starts seeing you as a regular person just like him, he may eventually get to the point where he decides to ask you out.

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