Extroverts, Do You Feel Comfortable Dating Introverts?

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Extroverts, Do You Feel Comfortable Dating Introverts?

Extroverts by nature are concerned with the physical and social environment that is outside of themselves.

Extroverts derive energy from their external environment and the people they interact with socially.

Introverts are the opposite.

Introverts by nature are concerned with their internal thoughts and emotions.

They tend to derive more stimulation from those internal thoughts and emotions than they do from social interaction.

Most extroverts end up dating other extroverts.

This is not necessarily because they wouldn’t be comfortable dating introverts.

It is more so because they tend to come across other extroverts in the social environments that they engage in.

Introverts are a lot less likely to be in social environments where there are lots of people.

These are the kind of environments that extroverts thrive in.

Hence, by the mere fact that most extroverts are primarily going to be exposed to people who are just like them that are also in social environments, there likelihood of dating introverts is less realistic.

The numbers are just not there.

They have less exposure to them.

They would rarely meet them.

Now, an extrovert and introvert may be able to find some attraction due to the mere fact that they are both polar opposites.

However, these kind of relationships may run into problems shortly after due to varying behaviors.

Oftentimes, they get into these relationships with the wrong perception.

One or the other believes that in time they can get the other to change.

The extrovert hopes that the introvert becomes more social and the introvert hopes that the extrovert becomes more introspective and less social.

They get into a relationship and the games begin.

An extrovert may want to go out, whereas their introverted partner may want to stay home.

An extrovert may want to go somewhere crowded, whereas their introverted partner may want to go somewhere less noisy and less crowded.

It is easy to begin to have differences.

When the needs of one partner are not being met, someone is going to become resentful.

As a result, it can be very difficult to maintain this kind of relationship when both partners are so incredibly different.

What may happen is one partner may try to concede to the other.

Normally, the extrovert.

They may try to appease the introvert by socializing a little less and perhaps going to places that aren’t so crowded. However, after some period of time, they may begin to feel stifled.

They may also believe that their introverted partner isn’t making any attempts to compromise.

This is where the relationship starts to approach a crossroads.

The extroverted partner may try to convince the introvert to compromise to no avail.

Being that the introvert by nature is more into their own thoughts, they would find it very hard to consider the extrovert’s side of the equation.

Oftentimes, the extrovert has conceded to lessen their social interaction not just to appease the introvert but also in the hopes that the introvert ultimately gets comfortable enough to start socializing more.

The extrovert hopes that by doing this, the introvert will decide to eventually return the favor.

When this doesn’t happen over a sustained period of time, the extrovert gets frustrated and may begin to detest the introvert.

This causes a strain in the relationship that ultimately leads to fights and a break up.

It can be very difficult for an extrovert and introvert to date over a sustained period of time.

The differences will eventually get in the way.

This is why most extroverts and introverts date their own kind.

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