How Do You Know When You Are Moving Too Fast?

How Do You Know When You Are Moving Too Fast?

You know when you are moving too fast when you feel like you are.

These are your instincts telling you that you are moving too fast and listening to these instincts is beneficial.

The relationship that develops at a steady pace is the right approach.

When your relationship feels like it is being forced, you know that you are moving too fast.

Use your past relationships as a guide.

Have you moved too fast in past relationships?

Have your past romantic partners told you that you were moving too fast?

Where they have, remember what led them to say it.

Recall what you were doing that made them feel like you were moving too fast.

As human beings, we are creatures of habit.

We do the same thing over and over until someone tells us different and we either choose to make a change or not.

Doing what you have done in the past that led to complaints that you were moving too fast is history repeating itself, and a harbinger for where the relationship is headed.

This is how you use your past as your guide for the present.

You know you are moving too fast when he hesitates as you make specific suggestions.

His body language exposes it.

Clearly, he isn’t keen on what you are saying or doing.

There are numerous pauses before he responds to a suggestion you just made or he moves his body away from yours to create distance.

His touch, or further closeness to your personal space, is avoided.

These are the moments you know that you have made him uneasy and you are moving too fast.

He likes you, but feels like you are moving things faster than he likes.

At times, due to the pressure of the moment, he agrees to your suggestion, but later cancels.

Once he is separated from the moment, he feels compelled to cancel, as he didn’t feel right about it.

These are the responses you need to take note of.

This is someone who is showing you that you are moving too fast.

You are moving too fast when you are forcing time with him, irrespective of his schedule.

A desire to see him all the time, isn’t leaving him much room for his own life.

Time with family and friends, or time for hobbies, has been greatly diminished, thanks to your desire to spend an exorbitant amount of time with him.

He is stifled by you.

Soon, he comes up with excuses not to answer your phone calls or texts as often as he once did, knowing that you are overbearing.

Inevitably, he is communicating less and avoids setting up dates.

You are the one who is now doing most of the communicating and setting up of dates, but getting a hold of him is exceedingly challenging.

This is what happens when you get ahead of yourself and move too fast.

The man of interest is pushed to such an extent by your neediness, you inadvertently push him out of your life.


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