He Takes Too Long To Reply?

He Takes Too Long To Reply?

When it is still early in the courtship stage, be careful about what you expect in terms of his reply time.

Although your last boyfriend would respond quickly to your messages when he was courting you, this doesn’t mean that every guy will.

Some guys take a while to reply to a girl in the early stages of courting her.

It normally has to do with them not wanting to appear to be overeager.

As long as the time between messages isn’t something as ridiculous as a handful of days to a week, cut him some slack.

Guys are overly cautious in the early stages of courting a girl, as they worry that if they were to reply too quickly, she could think that he is desperate and has no dating options.

As a rule of thumb, as long as he replies to your message within 24 to 48 hours, you are good.

Remember, it is early.

His reply time is going to improve as you two go out on dates and build a stronger rapport with each other.

Be patient when it is this early.

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He doesn’t know you that well to think that you would want to hear back from him quicker.

He is assuming that you are going about your business and don’t expect to hear back from him so quickly.

A great deal of guys truly fear making a mistake in the early stages, so they are overly cautious.

Consider his schedule.

Besides not wanting to appear overeager, there are guys who are genuinely unavailable to reply to your messages as promptly.

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Not every guy has the same schedule your last boyfriend had.

They don’t want to pop in and out of a conversation, so they wait for a stretch of time that will be available to them so as to have a sustained conversation with you.

This prevents his conversations with you from getting cut short because he had to get back to work from his short break.

Once you learn about what his schedule is, you are better off messaging him in that time slot.

Consider the medium you are using to communicate with him.

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Sometimes a guy that takes too long to reply isn’t using a medium of communication that he prefers.

There are guys who prefer other mediums of communication and primarily use those mediums to do the bulk of their communication with friends and family.

His preference could be anything from using a preferred SMS service to using a specific brand of social media.

Find out whether he has a preferred medium of communication outside of what you two have been using so far.

If he does, there is a good chance that using that medium will lead to you receiving replies from him quicker.

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Guys normally don’t want to talk about changing or switching mediums when it is this early in courtship, out of the fear that the girl interprets that as a sign that he is too demanding or entitled.

Switching to his preferred medium of communication saves you grief and annoyance.

It might take some getting used to, but it erases the probability that you become so impatient with him that you ditch him too prematurely, on account of his belated replies.

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