What Makes A Woman Interesting To A Guy Beyond Just Her Looks?

What Makes A Woman Interesting To A Guy Beyond Just Her Looks?

There are many guys who are interested in women who share the same interests as they do.

These are interests that can be very eclectic in nature.

Even interests that aren’t necessarily the most obvious interests that a woman would like.

Hence, for a guy, finding a woman who may have an interest in something that he has an interest in that is not typically the norm of what most women would like can be very intriguing to him.

Whether it be an interest in sport or even in technology, a guy would really be intrigued by this kind of woman.

Also, beyond her looks, a guy is typically interested in a woman who has an opinion and viewpoint about different topics.

He likes it when she truly has her own views and is willing to openly express them.

These are views and opinions that may not always agree with his own.

If anything, sometimes, the more different these views and opinions are to his own, the more interested he becomes.

He may not necessarily agree with them but he loves the fact that she is her own person and isn’t simply telling him things that he wants to hear.

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This kind of personality can make a guy really interested in a woman beyond her looks.

It makes him see that she is her own person and not just someone that regurgitates everything that he likes just so that she doesn’t offend or run the risk of turning off the guy.

Sometimes, a person can like another so much that they hide certain opinions that may be contrary to what the person that they like believes.

When a woman doesn’t do this but is very open with her views, many guys take notice.

It makes a guy feel like he is dealing with a person who has their own sense of purpose and is so confident in themselves that they aren’t willing to be someone that they aren’t just so that they can get the guy or fit in.

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Another thing that makes a guy interested in a woman beyond just her looks is when he notices that the woman is passionate about things in life and has done things in life that he may not have experienced before.

Many guys love the sense of adventure that comes with engaging in different activities in life.

When a guy comes across a woman who has seemingly lived a full life thus far with all kinds of experiences and adventures, she can very easily grab his attention and interest.

He may tell himself that he would love to do those activities that she has done as he has always wanted to do them.

He may marvel at the fact that she has done these activities and gone on these adventures on her own volition and based on her passion.

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That knowledge alone may be so intoxicating to the guy that he can’t help but want to be around her.

Perhaps she has traveled to several places that he has only dreamed about going to or has always planned to go to but never did.

Knowing that the woman has been to these places, he is full of questions and so much excitement.

All of a sudden, this woman is so much more interesting than a woman that just has good looks but not much else.

It gives her so much more depth to him and actually tickles or stimulates his mind.

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Once his mind is stimulated, the woman connected to that feeling can easily become a lot more intriguing as a person to him.

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