If A Girl Isn’t Great Looking, Can Confidence And Personality Make Up For That With Guys?

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If A Girl Isn't Great Looking, Can Confidence And Personality Make Up For That With Guys?

Some guys are into girls who have confidence and a great personality.

In fact, a great personality is typically what keeps a guy interested in a girl and makes him willing to stick it out with her.

In essence, her beauty may attract him at first but it is her personality that keeps him for the long run.

Now, if you are not great looking, you are casting a major judgment on yourself that may not be warranted.

Guys don’t all look for the same kind of look in a girl.

You may feel like you are not beautiful because guys tend to give the “beautiful” girls all their attention and ignore you.

However, do understand that your interpretation of this may be based on the crowd you tend to hang around.

If you are always around the same kind of guys who tend to be attracted to the other girls and not you, you should start opening yourself up to expanding your social circle.

There are all kinds of guys out there with all kinds of interests.

Don’t put yourself in a box when it comes to the guys you meet.

Expand your social net and put yourself in the position where you can meet new guys who may have different interests than the guys that you are used to being around.

Don’t be afraid to join a group that is centered around a hobby, interest or course that you love or believe in.

You will meet new guys here who may look at your appearance in a totally different way than the guys you are used to being around.

He may love how you look.

When you couple that with your confidence and personality, he may find you to be an irresistible mix.

So, try not to put yourself in a box.

Have the courage to meet new people and expand your social circle.

You may be surprised when you notice just how many new guys may actually find you attractive.

Something else you should consider are your talents.

What are you really good at doing?

You may have a knack for speaking languages or doing some physical activity.

You may even be able to play an instrument, sing or just be creative with art in some way.

Allow this part of you to shine through.

A lot of guys can be drawn to this.

Even if you believe that you aren’t great looking, this kind of connection with a guy can truly make up for that.

Another thing you should watch for is the kind of crowd that the guys you tend to like hang around.

If they tend to be the type who are all about appearances, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be influenced by the type of girls they choose to date.

You shouldn’t allow yourself to get upset that they don’t talk to you because you aren’t great looking.

If you are looking for substance in your relationships, these kind of guys aren’t going to give you that because they are all about their social status and looking good.

You should be more focused on the guy who isn’t all about outward appearances when it comes to his social perception.

Examine the kind of guys he tends to hang out with.

If this crowd is more about substance and relationships, this is the kind of guy you should start putting yourself around.

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