Why Is He Acting So Weird And Distant Now?

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Why Is He Acting So Weird And Distant Now?

He may have gotten bored with his interaction with you.

A guy will often become weird and distant when he no longer feels excitement in interacting with the girl.

He may have gotten to the point in your relationship or interaction with him where he feels like he can predict what you are going to say or talk about.

He can tell what angle you are going to use to interpret a story or how you are going to respond to something he tells you.

He has heard the same details about the same story from you over and over and he has just gotten bored with it.

Perhaps you are constantly telling him about what you did with a friend that tends to be the same thing each and every day.

Perhaps you are constantly telling him about a point in time in your life that had an impact in your life but you have never gotten passed the surface of the story to the meat of it.

Perhaps you are always complaining about a particular person or a particular boss or a particular object.

He has heard it all before and he has gotten bored.

If anything I just described to you sounds familiar, this may be the reason why he is acting so weird and distant now.

He isn’t necessarily going to directly tell you why he is acting in this way.

He won’t be that obvious with it because he may be worried about hurting your feelings at this time.

However, his actions are clearly showing that something has changed in him.

Another reason why he may be acting so weird and distant now may be because you were getting too close.

There are some guys who get terrified of commitment or moving a relationship to the next level.

They worry about the risk of the relationship failing after putting so much emotional investment into it.

They worry about losing their freedom.

They worry that you will have expectations of them that they will not be able to meet.

That may make them worry about not being able to meet your expectations.

They worry that they will lose a sense of their identity if they were to allow themselves to get sucked in any further.

These are some of the thoughts that may be bouncing back and forth in his head with the echo of a church bell.

It terrifies him and as a result he starts acting weird and distant in the hopes that things will slow down.

A guy will also act so weird and distant when he is looking to get out of a relationship.

Instead of telling you outright that he wants to end it, he starts acting weird and distant in the hopes that you will eventually get so annoyed that you will end the relationship yourself.

He doesn’t want to have to be the one to end it so he hopes that you do.

This way, he feels that he can leave the relationship with a clear conscience and without having to constantly question whether he made the right decision.

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