How Does A Girl Keep A Guy’s Attention?

How Does A Girl Keep A Guy's Attention?A good way to keep a guy’s attention is to be willing to show how multifaceted you are as a person and a date.

If you are always one note, a guy can get bored easily and lose attention.

If he knows what to expect from you, he may become a lot less energetic and consequently give up on giving you his attention.

He wants to be excited about talking to you or hanging out with you.

If he knows that he will always talk about the same topics with you or do the exact same activities, he may become bored and you may lose his attention.

Think about always keeping things fresh.

Try to focus on engaging in a different activity each time you hang out with him.

Even though you may not be that well versed in some activities, open yourself up to doing them. It can be an experience that you share with this guy for the first time.

There has to be a part of you that is willing to be consistently adventurous with the activities that you engage in with this guy.

The more willing you are to be adventurous and change up your activities, the more unpredictable you become.

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This can work well in keeping a guy’s attention because he will wonder what you will come up with next.

He may wonder what kind of activity you are going to have him engage in with you this coming weekend.

This kind of thinking means that he is actually looking forward to the weekend.

You clearly have his attention.

Also, you should change up the topics you talk about.

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Each time you talk to him, you should share a new story about yourself that he isn’t aware of. You can tell it to him in a funny way or in a way that makes him curious to learn more.

You have already experienced some life before you met him. Use your life experience so far to help you come up with topics.

Go back into different scenarios in your life that you have faced.

Find the most engaging ones and talk about them.

If you focus on telling him something new about yourself or life experience every time you converse with him, he would be learning something new about you each time.

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Letting him get a little piece of you each time can be very effective in keeping his attention.

The mistake that a lot of girls make is in giving a guy everything too quickly.

She shows all her cards by giving away too much of her life and personality in the early stages.

Soon after, she has nothing left to share and the guy gets bored and she loses his attention.

You shouldn’t be like that.

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Also, do understand that one of the most effective ways in keeping a guy’s attention is by showing your independence.

If you are too clingy at the start, you give him less motivation to want to be with you.

You should seem like you have your own separate life that you are living.

The more he has a sense that you have an independent and exciting life, the more he will want to be a part of it.

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