Should I Change My Personality To Be A Better Dating Prospect?

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Should I Change My Personality To Be A Better Dating Prospect?

You shouldn’t change your personality to be a better dating prospect.

This would make you uncomfortable in who you are.

Even though you may be able to get away with it for a while, your true personality would eventually show.

If someone that you have been dating notices that your true nature is now showing, they would feel deceived.

They would feel like you were presenting someone to them that you really weren’t.

This may ultimately lead them to break up with you.

In order to have long-term success in dating, you have to be real to who you truly are.

You would want someone to be attracted to you for you and not to some personality that you have created.

This would only make you appear weak and deceitful.

It would be very hard for you to maintain the act for too long because it is not your true nature.

At certain points, you will inadvertently revert back to who you truly are and your partner will notice it.

They may not even mind your true personality at all.

That may not be what offends them.

What offends them may be the fact that you were acting.

You were not being sincere to who you really are.

This kind of deception would be the principal reason why they would then decide to leave you.

Your personality is actually what makes you unique.

It is what sets you apart from everyone else.

You need to embrace it.

Your task is to be you. Your task is to be confident in who you are.

Your personality doesn’t have to change in order for you to be a better dating prospect.

What is much more effective is to start showing people that side of you that you may rarely show but to your closest friends.

If you are a funny guy but only get funny around your friends, start being funny around other people.

Show that funny guy side of yourself.

This could easily attract a girl. Girls love to laugh and feel good.

If you are good at playing a musical instrument but only tend to play for your family or friends, start playing for others.

Take that opportunity to play at a local event in your town or at a work or school function.

Since you are already musically inclined, your personality should reflect that to people at large.

Showing more people this talent will get you more exposure and the likelihood of meeting a new dating prospect who may love how you play.

You haven’t changed anything about your personality, you are merely being more open with it.

If you like collecting, don’t be afraid to show your collection.

You can take photos of your collection and post them on your social media accounts.

You can join online forums that have a love for what you tend to collect.

Whether you collect stones, stamps or hard-to-find comics, it really doesn’t matter.

You will almost always be able to find people who share the same interests as long as you are willing to show them and open up your social sphere of experience.

This is when you will have the best chance at meeting a dating prospect who may find a connection with you and you never had to change your personality while doing it.

This helps you stay true to who you are and gives you the confidence to interact with others on an honest and open level.

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