What Is A Guy Thinking When He Stares At A Girl?

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What Is A Guy Thinking When He Stares At A Girl?

He may be thinking about what it would be like to approach you and start a conversation with you.

He may be wondering about how you will react to that.

He isn’t sure.

So he continues to stare at you, lost in thought and his anxiety beginning to build with each passing second.

Guys like this are typically shy or they are very protective of their egos.

He may simply not want to put himself in a position where you could respond in a negative manner to him and as a result he may just keep staring.

Other guys who are staring at you may be thinking about whether you have a boyfriend.

Guys wonder this quite often when it comes to girls that they like.

The more attractive the girl, the more they wonder whether she has a boyfriend.

Some of these guys think so hard about this while they are staring at you that they eventually create their own conclusion.

The longer they stare without actually making a move on you, the more likely they will come to this conclusion.

They remain stuck with this conclusion.

They may tell themselves that you do have a boyfriend and thereby there would be no point in approaching you.

They may tell themselves that being that you are this attractive, you most certainly have a boyfriend.

Again, the longer they stare and do nothing, the more likely they will come to a conclusion in their minds.

Something else that a guy thinks about when he stares at a girl is whether she would find him attractive.

He may be so worried that she wouldn’t find him attractive that he may start unconsciously sprucing himself up.

You may notice him beginning to adjust some of his clothing or his hair.

He may even start picking off particles or lint from his clothing just to make sure that there isn’t something on him that would turn you off.

Something else that a guy thinks when he is staring at a girl is whether she will notice him at some point.

He may wonder if you will notice him staring at you.

He wonders what you will do if you did notice.

He also wonders what he will do if you notice.

How long would you guys stare at each other? Will you quickly look away?

Will you look upset?

Will he be able to hold eye contact for a while?

In essence, he creates the various scenarios in his mind while he is staring at you.

Now, all of these explanations have been about guys who are interested in you but are not approaching, they are just staring and thinking.

Some guys who stare are not necessarily interested in you.

Guys like this will stare and be thinking about someone you may remind them of or they may simply be lost in thought at that moment about something that is completely unrelated to you as a person.

Perhaps something you were wearing brought back a past memory and they are now caught up in their own thoughts.

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3 thoughts on “What Is A Guy Thinking When He Stares At A Girl?”

  1. but if he stares every day it means is interested so why he did not made any move ? 6 months looking into each others eyes and he has never tried anything

  2. Hi Carmen,

    He may not have made a move because he is either shy or is unsure of whether you are interested in him. Though you may have been looking into each other’s eyes for the last 6 months, some guys may not necessarily read that as interest, especially if that isn’t followed up with some form of conversation or flirtation.

  3. There is this guy in my dorm who every single time we are in the same room together, we make eye contact. I’m really shy, and from what it seems, he is a somewhat shy guy (more just interested in sports and less in getting with girls unlike most college guys.) Basically, he is a nice guy. Once we were both walking towards the elevators from opposite directions, and he reached them before me, and when he did, he didn’t press the button?? The elevator actually opened and someone got off and he obviously could have gotten on. When I got there I was so nervous and laughed and pressed the up button and he seemed kinda embarrassed but when i asked what floor he needed he gave me a huge sweet smile and i smiled back and we made hardcore eye contact. Sadly, it was complete silence the whole way up…but we stood in the exact same stance opposite of each other, but he played with his phone. When we reached his floor, he looked at me and gave me a huge smile and softly said “thanks.” Other weird things that have happened are some of his gal friends have started conversations with me on the elevators as if they know who I am. “Hey when are you leaving for Christmas break? Where do you live?” I feel like he lingers around me as well. I would assume he was interested except after messaging him on instagram telling him to add me on snapchat (which he proceeded to read the message and add me in less than 2 minutes after i sent it) my friend took my phone and messaged him “hey” but he never opened it till the next afternoon…He always seems to be sitting facing me. Help?

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