Why Do Men Choose Beautiful Women Who Have Nasty Personalities Over Average-Looking Women Who Will Treat Them Right?

Why Do Men Choose Beautiful Women Who Have Nasty Personalities Over Average-Looking Women Who Will Treat Them Right?

Men are willing to endure a lot of pain to be with a beautiful woman.

A nasty personality just means that he has to account for this element of her essence.

Nonetheless, how does she make him feel overall?

Her beauty makes him feel like a million bucks.

It elevates his status in the public arena.

It boosts his ego.

A man weighs the pros and cons of a beautiful woman.

Where the pros outweigh the cons, he chooses to be with her irrespective of her nasty personality.

There is the hope that she grows out of it in the future.

Perhaps when the two start a family, she embraces her nurturing side as she tends to the baby and loses the nasty personality as a side effect.

Or, she gets older and wiser, realizing that her nasty personality was a byproduct of her youth.

Maybe she makes better friends along the way as she matures, ditching friends from her past who were a negative influence on her.

A man is going to come up with multiple scenarios to excuse her behavior in the hopes that her nasty personality isn’t going to be a forever thing.

As an average-looking woman who knows that you would treat a man much better than what you have seen these men endure from beautiful women, it baffles you to think that these men continue to choose these beautiful women regardless.

Unlike women who are extremely in tune with their emotions and are influenced by them, men have a tendency to compartmentalize.

He is analytical in his thinking.

Although he knows the beautiful woman he is interested in has a nasty personality, he doesn’t let that thought overwhelm his decision-making process.

As aforementioned, he weighs the pros and cons of choosing a beautiful woman who has a nasty personality.

Although he might know an average-looking woman who is into him, he isn’t physically attracted to her and thereby has no sexual compatibility with her.

Unlike women, men are very visual in how they go about choosing who to date.

They put beauty above almost everything else.

An average-looking women who would treat him right isn’t going to fully satisfy him in the bedroom, as he bears no physical attraction for her.

That is a deal-breaker for a lot of men.

In relationships, men generally look for beauty and women generally look for financial security.

Both genders have different priorities.

A man values beauty in a woman, a woman values financial security in a man.

A woman wouldn’t choose a handsome man that was broke and couldn’t provide.

Sure, she may sleep with him for a short while but she won’t settle down with him.

Again, both genders have different priorities in relationships.

A beautiful woman with a nasty personality is something that he feels he can endure, as long as she fulfills him in other areas that matter much more to him.

A beautiful woman fulfills him in boosting his ego.

Bolsters his status in society.

Has sexual compatibility with him in the bedroom.

Is pleasing to look at day or night.

Motivates him to keep providing as a partner and striving in his career so as not to lose her.

To him, the fact that she has a nasty personality is a small price to pay for all the benefits she brings into his life.

On top of that, he makes himself believe that she is bound to grow out of it eventually.

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