Should I Just Let This One Go And Move On With My Life?

First and foremost, think about how much effort you have put into socializing with this person.

Should I Just Let This One Go And Move On With My Life?Are you the one who has been putting in the bulk of the effort to socialize with this person?

Should this be the case, you are better off letting this one go.

This is someone who is getting off on the attention that you have been giving him, with no intention of reciprocation.

The impression he has given you is one of romantic interest.

You came to this conclusion after having several interesting conversations with this guy, and there was a sense that you saw eye to eye on various issues.

This is what left you with a mindset that he is interested in you.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t followed up his words with real action.

Words in this context aren’t being followed up by action, which is an indication that his words are meaningless.

If you aren’t cognizant of this, you easily get lost in your own feelings for this guy, blinding yourself to the reality that he hasn’t backed up his words with actions.

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Recognize that what you want out of all of this isn’t what you need.

You are going through a period in your life right now where you believe that you need someone in it.

This is someone that has the capacity to facilitate in you getting through whatever emotional issues or deficiencies that you are going through right now.

Nevertheless, in moments like this, when you are emotionally weak or dependent on someone else, we make the worst decisions.

If you do an assessment of your life right now, and notice that you have felt an emotional rift in your life, or that you are at a stage where you are looking for someone to help you feel better about yourself, take note of that.

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Your solution isn’t to do everything in your power to get this guy to be with you.

Someone else can’t solve this issue.

This is where you have to dig deep and work hard to better your own sense of self-worth.

It takes time, but it can be done.

In the end, the goal is to get you to a place mentally where you are capable of making the best choice for yourself, as far as finding a mate that is based on clarity and not emotional desperation.

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A guy that senses emotional desperation in you is susceptible to taking advantage of it.

He does this by leading you on, getting you to give him all the attention and do him favors, without reciprocation.

The solution is to let this one go.

This keeps your self-worth intact, making you realize that you are better off having a multi-faceted life filled with fulfilling activities.

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