Does My Ex Still Like Me?

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Does My Ex Still Like Me?

Your ex still likes you when they have told you that they do and they are trying very hard to get you back.

You will notice that they are calling you a lot more, giving you more compliments, asking you out, making their time available to you at a moment’s notice, apologizing for the mistakes that they made in the past, constantly inquiring about your well-being and those that are important to you, etc.

These are all strong signs that your ex still likes you.

However, the trap that you don’t want to fall in is in believing that all of this means that there is actually a future for the both of you.

Your ex is still most likely the same person that you knew before.

Perhaps they have some regrets but they may still technically be the same person.

This means that they may not have really handled their issues and overcome them.

They may still have issues and those issues aren’t necessarily going to go away because you choose to start dating them again.

This is why it is never a good idea to jump right back into a relationship with your ex.

You may believe that they have changed because they are telling you all the right words.

In all honesty, even your ex may believe that they have changed.

However, there is really no evidence of that yet to you.

The only way that you can gather evidence about this is in observing how they behave around you and when they are also not with you.

Listen to what people are saying about your ex.

What are his friends or family saying?

What are his coworkers saying about him?

If all the accounts that you are getting are positive, then your ex indeed may be a changed person.

However, if the accounts that you are getting aren’t positive or are muddled, you will have to exercise caution in thinking about taking your ex back or being with your ex.

Again, your ex may fill your ears with the sweetest words that make you really feel like they have become a better person, but those words have no bearing without evidence.

It can be really easy to get caught up in how you feel about your ex and how you want to be with them so badly.

However, you should never let that cloud your judgment.

By getting the evidence first, you will save yourself a lot of heartache.

Many couples constantly get back together then break up because they never took the time to get the evidence.

They essentially enter a cycle of constant break ups and make ups because of this.

All the while, they are disrupting their own lives or losing out on other romantic relationships that may have worked out so much better for them.

Indeed, your ex may still like you but that doesn’t mean that this is enough to effect a positive change in the kind of relationship you would want with your ex.

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