Will You Date Or Stay Friends With A Girl Moving Away?

Will You Date Or Stay Friends With A Girl Moving Away?

Stay friends.

Now, there are some exceptional circumstances.

How far away is she moving from you?

If it is a relatively short distance, you may be able to date her and it would still work.

How long is she planning to be away?

In other words, is she merely going away for a while but will be back in the fall or in a year’s time.

In a scenario like this, dating her could still work if you maintain consistent communication and try to see each other as often as you can during this short time.

However, if she is moving far away from you and for good, you would be best to stay friends and not date.

Now, there are a number of people who have had long distance relationships that have worked.

However, the reason why those long distance relationships worked was because these two people were severely committed to making it work and hence they were able to overcome the test of distance.

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Most people on the other hand do not have this kind of indefatigable commitment.

Even if you feel that you would be able to handle this kind of distance, she may not.

She may tell you that she is at first but over time you notice that she is communicating less and she doesn’t seem to want to engage as much as she used to.

This is often what long distance does over time.

You may both be very determined at first to make it work but as time goes on, the human elements kick in and you begin to feel lonely.

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As a human being, you will want that loneliness met and overcome but unfortunately your partner is too far away to assuage it.

You hold on for a while longer believing that somehow you will both get over this.

Perhaps you are able to do it. However, your partner is feeling the exact same emotions that you are and she is waning.

Eventually, that determination is sapped and your long distance partner is no longer responsive to your texts, phone calls or emails.

She seems to come up with excuses every time she is unable to respond to your call or text.

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The excuses build up because once one excuse happens, it is that much easier to give another one and another one.

Now you have wasted all this time on a long distance relationship that has gotten you nowhere.

As I mentioned earlier, there are certainly long distance relationships that work and stand the test of time and distance.

But again, those individuals were rock solid in their determination to make it work and never faltered.

Can you count on yourself being that determined to make a long distance relationship work?

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Can you count on her?

If this isn’t a relationship that has lasted that long, it is easier to simply transition the relationship to that of staying friends.

If you have dated her for several years, you may have more of a foundation to take the risk on a long distance relationship.

However, you should still plan on being together permanently in the very near future.

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