Would You Be Willing To Put Up With A Bad Personality If Your Partner Was 90% Of What You Wanted?

Irrespective of a partner having 90 percent of what you want, it doesn’t change the reality that they have a bad personality.

Would You Be Willing To Put Up With A Bad Personality If Your Partner Was 90% Of What You Wanted?A bad personality is a difficult hurdle to climb.

That bad personality sips through several facets of your relationship.

It is mentally debilitating to grapple with a partner with a bad personality.

The problem with getting into a relationship and staying in a relationship with a partner like this is that you embolden them.

When they realize that you are continue wanting to get into a relationship with them, even with their bad personality, they see no reason to change what they do, or how they interact with you and others.

The mistake that so many people make when they get into relationships like this is in how they believe that their partner’s bad personality will somehow get better with time.

This is normally not the case.

A partner who is like this now, has probably been this way for a long time.

Old habits are difficult to stop, especially when your partner knows they get way with this behavior over and over again.

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A bad personality gets worse with time.

Accepting them as they are gives them an excuse to never make a change.

They keep behaving badly, maintaining a poor personality.

Although you believe you can handle that bad personality because 90 percent of your partner is what you want, it doesn’t mean that the other important people in your life have the capacity to handle it.

They probably won’t, as they aren’t dating this person, making their level of tolerance for bad behavior much lower than yours.

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They only know your partner as someone you are dating.

They don’t have the luxury of having 90 percent of what they want from your partner, as they aren’t in a romantic relationship with your partner.

Their level of tolerance for this behavior gets less tolerant over time.

What strain does your partner’s bad personality put on the rest of the people in your life, from family to friends to work colleagues?

Consider the possibility that the other 90 percent of what you get from your partner doesn’t remain constant.

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At some point, your needs change.

You become more refined in your requirements or no longer have those requirements at all.

In essence, you mature and change.

People do change.

People’s needs do change as well.

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If that 90 percent becomes 60 percent, you are now deficient by 40 percent.

How much more of your partner’s bad personality will you be able to take when they are now only meeting 60 percent of your needs?

Something to think about.

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