Does My Ex Like Me Or Am I Misinterpreting His Behavior?

Your ex likes you when they prioritize working on the problems that plagued the previous relationship.

Does My Ex Like Me Or Am I Misinterpreting His Behavior?This is an ex that is taking it slow with you.

His intent is on fixing those problems first, without jumping right into another relationship with you.

An ex that has this level of patience and execution with you likes you.

An ex that comes back into your life without wanting to talk about the problems that jeopardized the relationship, is a problem.

He is acting as though those problems never existed, which is a sign that all he cares about is to get back into a relationship.

Unfortunately, he is looking out for himself.

Keep in mind that exes don’t come back without a reason.

Sometimes, that reason is good, and sometimes, that reason is bad.

A lonely ex is a selfish ex.

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They are motivated to come back out of a desire to quell their loneliness.

That’s all he cares about.

He has either struggled to find a new relationship or he is currently in an unsatisfying relationship.

Either way, he is lonely.

This is where the motivation to reach out to you becomes overwhelmingly tempting.

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He reaches out to you, hoping that you make them feel better emotionally.

If he was in a relationship that just ended, he is looking to get right back into a new relationship with you.

The desire to avoid loneliness is so strong, he isn’t concerned about working through the issues that jeopardized your past relationship with him.

He wants to dive right into yet another relationship with you.

This spells doom for the relationship.

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A selfish ex that wants to get into a relationship with you to relieve his loneliness isn’t a good candidate for a long-term healthy relationship.

You were an easy target.

A lot easier than going out there and finding someone completely new that he has no relationship history with.

There are instances where an ex is in a current relationship, but chooses to contact you anyway.

This is normally at a time that he is either having a difficult time in the relationship or bored.

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He reaches out to you, hoping that you make him feel better about his situation.

He wants you to say a kind word to him, or massage his ego and sense of self-worth by giving him a heartfelt compliment.

Having you flirt with him is desired too.

Getting the idea from you that he still has physical appeal makes him feel self-assured.

Once he has received this boost or acknowledgment from you, he disappears.

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He gets back into his current relationship after having used you as a source of an ego or self-esteem boost.

You, on the other hand, was thinking that this whole situation was leading to a reconciliation, only to discover that he is already in a relationship.

Keeping all of this in mind, avoid getting too excited or sucked in to the excitement of an ex that has suddenly come back into your life.

Be patient and observe your ex’s behavior.

If your ex is taking gradual steps to work on building a better relationship with you, paying specific attention to working on the problems that plagued your previous relationship with him, he is sincere about getting back with you and legitimately likes you.

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On the contrary, an ex that is rushing into a new relationship with you, making promises that he isn’t keeping, isn’t sincere at all, and is only looking out for himself.

Being cognizant of this, saves you from potential heartache.

Manage your emotions, and exercise caution.

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