Does My Ex Like Me?

Does My Ex Like Me?

Your ex likes you when they prioritize working on the problems that you both had in your past relationship.

When you notice that your ex is taking things slow with you and is really focused on fixing those problems first without jumping right into another relationship with you, there is a good chance that your ex likes you.

The key here is sincerity and patience.

If your ex were to come back into your life but they don’t want to talk about problems that the both of you had in your past relationship that never got resolved, there is a problem.

If your ex is acting as though those problems never existed and all they want is to essentially get back into a relationship, they may be looking out for themselves.

There are times when an ex gets lonely.

They may have just gotten out of a relationship or they may be having some troubles in their current relationship.

They feel bad and are now trying to figure out who they can reach out to so that they feel better about themselves.

They reach out to you because they hope that you make them feel better emotionally.

If they were in a relationship that just ended, they may be looking to get right back into another relationship with you just so that they don’t get too lonely or so that they feel better about themselves emotionally.

Hence, they didn’t come back to you in a genuine way.

They only came back because their relationship ended and they didn’t want to be alone.

You were an easy target.

A lot easier than going out there and finding someone new.

Hence, they contact you.

There are some scenarios where your ex may even still be in a relationship but they contact you anyway and act as though they care.

This is normally at a time that they are either having a difficult time in their relationship or they are simply bored.

They reach out to you because they want you to make them feel better about their situation in some way.

They may want you to say a kind word to them or massage their ego or sense of self-worth.

They may even want you to flirt with them so that they feel as though they are still physically appealing.

Once they have gotten what they need from you, they may disappear.

They get back into their current relationship after having used you as a source of an ego or self-esteem boost.

You, on the other hand, may have been thinking that this whole interaction was leading to a reconciliation, only to discover that they are already in a relationship and have been in a relationship throughout your interaction with them.

Keeping all of this in mind, it’s important to avoid getting too excited or sucked in to the fact that your ex may be back in your life or may have contacted you or may have given you some reason to believe that they want you back.

You have to be patient and truly observe your ex’s behavior.

If your ex is taking gradual steps to work on their relationship with you and fix the problems that you both had in the past, they are most likely coming from a sincere place and may truly like you.

If your ex is trying to rush into things or making promises that they aren’t keeping, they are not being sincere and most likely don’t like you.

Being cognizant of this can save you potential heartache.

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