Signs He Is A Good Guy To Date?

Signs He Is A Good Guy To Date?

A good sign that he is a good guy to date is when he is attentive towards you and listens to what you have to say.

He will truly take into account what you tell him.

He may even repeat what you have told him from past conversations when you two meet in future dates.

He also pays attention to subtle things that you do that most people may not notice.

For instance, he may notice the way you nervously smile when you are about to say something that you are not quite sure you should be saying to him.

He may notice that you like wearing a particular bracelet or pair of earrings whenever you meet him.

He may notice that you tend to play with your hair whenever you are talking about a particular topic.

These are all subtle elements or facets of your personality that he is picking up on.

When he is able to pick out these subtle habits, he is really paying attention to you and has taken a strong interest in you.

Hence, he would be a good guy to date.

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Another sign that he is a good guy to date is when he is open with his life.

In other words, he isn’t trying to hide anything from you.

There are some guys who may be too closed off in certain aspects of their lives.

They may be so closed off about their lives that it can affect how they open up to prospective partners emotionally.

When a guy is willing to let you into his life without reservations, you are dealing with a guy who is trying to show you that he has nothing to hide.

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In essence, he wants you to trust him.

He hopes that by being this open towards you, that you also do the same in kind. He wants to know about you as well.

He wants you to be open to him as well.

This would be a good guy to date because he is showing that he wants you to be a part of his life.

He wants you to feel free to ask him about whatever facet of his life that intrigues you.

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This is much better than a guy who is so closed off to you that you are unable to find out more about him.

It would be a lot more difficult to get to know a guy when he is so closed off.

A guy who is this open is a good guy to date because he is showing his true nature from the start and isn’t being a chameleon.

Another good sign that he is a good guy to date is when he communicates with you on a consistent basis.

He doesn’t have strange, unexplained gaps in communication. He is consistent and reliable.

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This kind of guy is showing that he actually thinks about you during the day.

That is why he keeps communicating regularly.

A guy who doesn’t think about you that often would communicate a lot more erratically.

That isn’t the guy you want.

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