Is It Best To Listen To Your Head Or Your Heart?

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Is It Best To Listen To Your Head Or Your Heart?

It is best to listen to your head as opposed to your heart in most circumstances.

Your head is often what will keep you grounded.

It will enable you to think things through and do some analysis before making a move that you may live to regret.

Your head also can help in keeping you calm and allowing you the time to let information truly settle.

It is best to listen to your head in most circumstances.

However, there is also the problem of listening to your head a bit too much.

In essence, you overthink everything.

This is where the danger creeps in.

When you use your head too much, you may over-analyze.

The head has a habit of taking you off into different scenarios and tangents if you let it.

This is when you have to be very cognizant of what is going on.

This is when you have to be able to put a stop to where your head is taking you.

Establishing a balance between how much you listen to your head and how much you act is where a lot of difficulty and confusion can set in.

If you over-analyze a situation, you could start creating the actual story in your head of how things are going to unfold. However, you don’t know how things are going to unfold definitively.

What you would be doing is creating assumptions.

Those assumptions become what you choose to believe as the reality of what may happen.

As a result, you choose not to act when in fact you should have.

You start drawing conclusions about another person’s character when you really know nothing about that person.

You may even believe that you are right in assuming that a person is a cheat or a player simply because they looked and flirted with you a certain way.

You begin to process how other people in your past have looked or flirted with you in that way.

You remember that those people turned out to be cheats.

As a result, your head tells you that you shouldn’t interact with this guy at all or give him a chance.

Unfortunately, there is a good chance that this guy is not like the others.

However, by listening to your head and over-analyzing, you have let a perfectly good dating prospect go.

When you don’t understand balance, your head will create scenarios in your head as I described earlier.

Your head will give you a story that is not real.

You draw conclusions about how someone is going to react to you.

You draw conclusions about how you may have so much compatibility with someone because you have seen yourself with that person in your head, living a life as partners.

However, that compatibility may be lacking in reality.

In other words, you have drawn conclusions by letting the story take hold in your head without allowing the interaction to unfold naturally.

This is where listening to your head can be detrimental.

You need to have a balance.

When you feel like your head is taking you off into a tangent, stop it and simply make a decision.

Without overthinking, do what needs to be done.

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