If Your Date Doesn’t Message You For Days, What Is He/She Actually Thinking? Does He/She Still Have Feelings?

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If Your Date Doesn't Message You For Days, What Is He/She Actually Thinking? Does He/She Still Have Feelings?If your date doesn’t message you for days, they may be thinking that they didn’t feel that much chemistry with you.

They do have feelings in the sense that they may be pondering their next move.

They may be sure of it or slightly hesitant. Thereby, they continue to ponder to the point where it may all become very overwhelming.

As such, they may let go entirely.

This is one scenario.

Another scenario is the fear of appearing desperate.

They may not want to appear desperate.

As a result, they will give it a few days before they message you.

The first scenario is very popular.

When two people go on a date, they may have seemingly had a good time.

The laughter may have been there.

It may have seemed like everything went well and it was time well spent.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there was chemistry in the interaction.

It’s easy to misconstrue a good time at a date as a sign of chemistry.

Hence, perhaps you thought the date went well.

The conversation flowed with relative ease.

You learnt about each other in an interesting way.

Everything just felt right and there was a seemingly easy flow to the interaction.

Perhaps there was even talk about plans for the future.

With all this, you may have the impression that your date liked you.

This isn’t necessarily the case.

There are a number of body language queues that help you tell if your date is feeling true chemistry with you.

If they touch you repeatedly during the date for example.

This is a very good sign that they were feeling some chemistry with you.

However, if this didn’t occur, they may not have been feeling it regardless of how good the conversation was.

The second scenario is less frequent but does occur.

It usually stems from what has worked in the past or what they have been told.

A date decides to wait a few days or a week in order to message the other.

They do it because that method has worked for them in the past.

They surmise that because this happened in their previous relationships with no issues, they should continue doing that.

People are creatures of habit.

They also may have been told by others that this is the best approach to use in order not to appear desperate to their date.

In the end, you shouldn’t allow yourself to get overly concerned to the point where you put your life on hold just hoping that you hear from this person.

By doing that, you may lose out on other potential dates that may have a real interest in you.

Hence, ensure that you continue to maintain an active social life.

You can easily get lost in what this other person that you are interested in is up to and why they are acting the way they are.

Understand that you can’t control how they behave but you can control how you behave.

Get out there and be social.

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