What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You “Bro” Or “Fam?”

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What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You "Bro" Or "Fam?"He typically sees you as a really good friend that he is comfortable being around.

One of the best ways to know this for certain is to observe him around his other male friends.

Listen for what he tends to call them. If he also tends to call his male friends “bro” or “fam,” there is a good chance that he is putting you in the friendship category.

You should also observe his body language around you.

If he tends to have the same kind of body language with you as he does with his friends, this is even more of an indicator that he just sees you as a friend.

A good way to tell that his body language is more about friendship than romance is if he would rather shake your hand when he greets you than hug you or if he would rather walk in front of you than beside you.

These are all very strong body language signs that he isn’t looking at you as a romantic interest.

Hence, when he calls you “bro” or “fam,” he is trying to show you that you are a part of his crew.

He looks at you as someone that he trusts on a friendship level.

He may even be okay with talking to you about other girls that he may actually be attracted to.

This is what he would do with his other male friends.

He would talk to them about girls that he is actually attracted to.

You can even use this as another method for you to tell whether he is only looking at you as a friend.

If you are friends with his other male friends, they may tell you about the other girls that he has been talking about.

You could even ask them if he talks about other girls to them.

If they confirm that he does, this is an even stronger sign that he isn’t looking at you as a romantic prospect.

Also, when a guy calls you “bro” or “fam,” he is also indicating that you are important enough to him to feel protective of you.

In essence, he may start watching over you like he would a younger sister.

He will be protective of you with other guys, especially the guys that he doesn’t know.

He doesn’t do this because he is jealous but more so because he is looking out for you like he would a younger sister.

Hence, you may even notice him make comments about a guy that may have looked at you with interest.

He may talk about how that guy was checking you out.

If he approves of the guy, he may tell you to go for him.

If he doesn’t, he may tell you to avoid him because he has heard bad things about him.

Again, he doesn’t do this because he secretly likes you.

He does it because he is looking out for you and doesn’t want you to get hurt by some guy that he doesn’t believe is right for you.

He knows how guys think and to him, he feels like it is his duty to protect you from those he may deem to be unworthy or unsavory.

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