Are His Words Sincere?

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Are His Words Sincere?

The best way to know if his words are sincere would be to observe his actions and his history.

If he has shown through his actions that he is serious about what he is saying, there is genuine cause to believe that he is being sincere.

Perhaps he is telling you about how much he cares about you.

Well, instead of simply taking the words he is saying as the hopeful truth, you need to observe what he has been doing with you.

Is he communicating more?

Is he giving you more compliments?

Is he making time for you?

Does he care about your dreams and aspirations?

Does he ask you meaningful questions about yourself that delves deeper into the kind of person that you are?

These are all questions that you need to address and you need to be able to answer.

By being able to answer these questions, you will be able to ascertain just how sincere he is being with his words.

You should also observe his history to help guide you.

If he has a history of being sincere in his previous relationships, there is a good chance that he is being sincere with you.

If you happen to know people that he has been in previous relationships with who speak very well of him and his character, there is a good chance that he is being sincere with his words.

This is how observing his actions and his history can help you determine if his words are sincere.

A good way to know that his words are not sincere is when you ask him about something that he told you previously and he completely doesn’t remember.

He has no recollection that he ever told you that.

He may then try to cover this up by instantly throwing a whole bunch of new words at you in the hopes that he takes away attention from the words that he told you that he can’t seem to remember.

This is how you know that he was just speaking in the moment.

He was telling you words that he thought you wanted to hear.

Since, he was literally making those words up within the moment to appease you, there was no real gravitas to those words.

He was literally speaking off the top of his head.

This kind of speaking typically leads to words that are a lot harder to remember because they weren’t heartfelt when they were said.

This is one very effective tactic in trying to ascertain whether his words are sincere.

Just how easily does he remember those words?

Another way that you can tell that his words aren’t sincere is when he is constantly changing them.

He never stays with a particular theme.

He may have told you words that related to affection but is later talking about something completely different.

He never sticks with a theme for any length of time.

He does this because he is throwing everything he can think of at you in the hopes that a particular set of words stick and have an emotional effect on you.

By doing this, he is not showing true sincerity in his words, he is showing how desperate he is to get what he wants because he only cares about himself.

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