Are His Words Sincere, Or Is He Telling Me What He Thinks I Want To Hear?

It’s easier to determine whether his words are sincere by observing his actions and his relationship history.

Are His Words Sincere, Or Is He Telling Me What He Thinks I Want To Hear?He shows that he is serious about what he is saying through his actions.

This is when he is consistently courting you through asking you out on dates and remembering what you tell him about yourself.

With a guy like this, his words are sincere.

His consistency in courting you is what proves it.

No matter how much he tells you that he cares about you, you have to judge him based on his actions.

What has he been doing with you?

Is he communicating regularly?

Giving you compliments?

Making time for you?

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Does he care about your dreams and aspirations?

Does he ask you meaningful questions about yourself that delves deeper into the person you are?

These are all questions that you need to address and answer.

By answering these questions, you ascertain how sincere he is being with his words.

His relationship history is your guide.

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Do his previous relationship partners speak glowingly about his character?

If they do, his words are sincere.

A guy that doesn’t remember substantive information he gave you in the past about himself, is not sincere with his words.

He has no recollection that he ever gave you that information about himself.

This means that he was lying in the moment, more intent on impressing you than in telling you the truth.

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He was telling you what he thought you wanted to hear, making it up, mixing a bunch of lies with kernels of truth.

He was literally speaking off the top of his head.

This means that he uses words he is not going to remember, given that they weren’t heartfelt when they were spoken.

He struggles to remember those words.

A guy that habitually speaks insincerely is constantly changing his story.

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In one conversation with a girl he likes, he espouses a worldview or opinion because she does.

In a different conversation with a different girl, he espouses a completely opposite worldview, to match her worldview.

He never sticks to a worldview or opinion that is of his own belief structure.

Instead, he adjusts his worldviews and opinions to match whatever girl he is courting or wooing.

The intent is to get her to feel a connection with him, so that he is in a better position to get her to fall for him.

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Basically, he is a chameleon.

This is a guy whose words are insincere.

Stay away from guys like this.

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