How Can I Still Give Him A Chance When My Instinct Makes Me Nervous And Want To Give Up?

How Can I Still Give Him A Chance When My Instinct Makes Me Nervous And Want To Give Up?

Your instincts are typically your true self trying to send you the message of what you must or must not do.

You shouldn’t ignore your instincts because they are typically trying to warn you based on experiences that may not be at the forefront of your thoughts but are now lodged in your subconscious.

Oftentimes, our instincts talk to us and try to warn us but we ignore them because our hearts are pushing us in the opposite direction.

You should never ignore your instincts.

They are there for a reason.

If you have had multiple experiences with him that led to disappointment, your instincts are making you nervous and wanting you to give up because he has had multiple opportunities to change the outcome and failed.

He may sweet talk you back into thinking that there is hope, however, your instincts are telling you that he has had multiple opportunities in the past and has failed every time.

At what point do you realize that your attempts at giving him chances are pointless?

Human beings are creatures of habit which means that we tend to repeat offenses.

No amount of sweet words can make up for the fact that he has disappointed you in the past over and over again.

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He may still want a chance with you because he has realized what he has lost and wants it back.

In a scenario like this, he may be more worried about losing a good thing than cherishing a good thing.

In other words, this may still be all about him and what you can do for him emotionally and physically.

He may want to keep that in his life because he realizes that you are the best thing going right now.

It doesn’t mean that he won’t take the opportunity to leave you behind the moment something better comes along and thereby leave you heartbroken.

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You had taken a chance with him based on what your heart was telling you and not what your instincts were telling you and now you have been left behind with a broken heart.

He may pursue that new girl and even get into a relationship with her.

He left you behind.

However, he may soon discover that this new relationship with this new girl is not fulfilling and then he is suddenly running back to you begging for forgiveness and a second chance.

Your instincts tell you that you shouldn’t take him back but your heart, which may still even be in love with him or care about him deeply, is telling you that you should take him back and give him another chance.

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So you do.

Then what happens again?

Well, another distraction comes into his life and he is pursuing her because he is confident in the fact that you have taken him back a number of times and thereby, you will probably take him back again if this new relationship that he is pursuing with this other girl doesn’t work out.

This is the frame of mind that you put him in when you keep giving him chances.

In the end, you wind up the loser and he keeps getting what he wants.

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If your instincts are making you nervous and wanting to give up, you should listen to them.

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