Why Do Some People Play With Others Feelings?

Why Do Some People Play With Others Feelings?

Some people like the feeling of having that kind of power over someone else.

They are more excited about the power they experience in playing with someone else’s feelings than in the person.

This is often one of the most frequent reasons why some people would play with the feelings of another.

This kind of manipulation often makes this person feel better.

He knows that by giving you the impression that he likes you, he can get you to do or say what he wants.

He may love this kind of power and hold that he has over you.

You may notice that he will tell you what you want to hear at times.

He will be attentive to you and even caring.

However, other times, he is cold and uncaring.

He may insult you or question everything you do so that you doubt yourself.

He is playing with your feelings when he does this because he knows that he can exercise this form of control over you.

A person like this is typically not the happiest and most content from within.

He is often seeking something outside of himself to feel better about because he just doesn’t feel fulfilled as a person.

He feels like he has a lack of control within himself.

He needs someone else to reassure him that he is in control.

Unfortunately, that person is you and he will use whatever tactic he can to ensure that he continues to feel empowered.

There is typically a lack of self-esteem in a person like this.

He gets his sense of self-assurance from making someone else feel bad about themselves or keeping them under his control.

He knows that you rely on him saying a kind word to you.

He knows that this will make your day.

He knows that by playing with your feelings by being cruel one day and kind the next, he will have you coming back for more.

You are coming back for more partly because you really want him to be kind to you today.

You really want him to give you a compliment and be sincere.

You hope that he follows through with the promises that he made in your last conversation. Hence, you are emotionally trapped.

As much as you may truly believe that he is playing with your feelings, you keep coming back for more because you are addicted.

Also, it is likely that you haven’t allowed yourself the opportunity to date others during this process.

As a result, you are entirely invested in him.

Your sense of self-esteem is now dependent on how he treats you on any given day.

Unfortunately, your self-esteem will have highs and lows.

When you are dealing with someone who lacks self-esteem, they are not going to be willing to bolster your own.

This kind of control for some people is intoxicating.

Indeed, he may have even started out truly caring for you and respecting you.

However, along the way, he may have seen an opportunity that was too tasty for him to ignore.

He knew that you were gullible and dependent. As a result, he took advantage and decided to start playing with your feelings.


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