What’s A Guy’s Dream Girl?

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What's A Guy's Dream Girl?

A guy’s dream girl is typically one that he both finds physically attractive and gets along with.

A guy would want his dream girl to be someone that he would be proud of showing off.

He would also want her to be someone that can carry on a conversation.

His dream girl would also be willing to engage in activities with him that he tends to enjoy.

It is important that she is open to what he likes and what his interests are.

A guy’s dream girl would fulfill a particular need.

Sometimes that need may be what the guy wants fulfilled in the short-term and other times it could be what he wants fulfilled in the long-term.

It really could depend on what stage in life the guy is.

A younger guy may prefer a dream girl that is more about having fun in the present moment.

He may not necessarily want to have those long and highly engaging conversations with her.

For him, his fulfillment may simply be in what she physically brings to the table.

In essence, her physical beauty.

A guy who is looking to settle down and possibly have a long-term relationship will look at his dream girl with a different lens.

He would want her to be physically appealing to him but he would also want her to be interesting enough that he doesn’t easily get bored.

In essence, he knows that he is going to be around her a lot and would rather she actually had the type of personality that kept him excited and motivated.

At this stage of his life, his dream girl is now a lot more multifaceted and dynamic.

It isn’t just about how she looks anymore but also how she stimulates him mentally.

Is he going to want to be around her often?

Is she going to be dynamic enough to make him feel like every time he is around her is a unique moment?

Is she the kind that can adapt to a changing world?

His dream girl would need to be someone he feels that he can rely on both to keep him entertained but to also stimulate him enough to keep the romance alive in the relationship.

There are many relationships that die out very quickly because the romance went out.

The moment the two got serious, they forgot the importance of maintaining romance in the relationship.

A guy would want his dream girl to keep him motivated.

If he were to get bored with her, he would not care for romance.

He would not make much of an effort to keep the fire of the love and passion in this relationship burning.

She may still be physically attractive to him but there is nothing much else.

As a result, she just becomes a roommate that he so happens to sleep with.

He may stick it through because he may feel like he is stuck, but his heart is not really in it.

A guy never wants to be bored.

He would want a dream girl that was dynamic enough to stimulate him both inside and outside the bedroom.

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