Would You Break Up With Someone Just Because They Have Opinions Or Beliefs Different From Yours?

Would You Break Up With Someone Just Because They Have Opinions Or Beliefs Different From Yours?

No two people agree on everything.

There are always differences.

Although, someone that you want to be with for the long term has to meet certain requirements, a difference of opinion or belief on some issues isn’t always a relationship killer.

Sometimes, the way you look at an opinion or belief changes when you are given the opportunity to look at it from another angle.

This is an angle that a potential relationship partner imparts into your mind in a way you have never had the opportunity of understanding.

An epiphany like this is revolutionary.

For the first time, you are made to see an opinion or belief in a way you never have.

So much of what we believe is indoctrinated into us as children. Our parents or the grown-ups at the time molded the way we think.

As a child, you were very impressionable. Not your fault.

But, as an adult, you have the opportunity to not always put your foot down adamantly when it comes to an opinion or belief that contradicts what you were taught as a child.

Someone new in your life who has the potential to become a relationship partner should be looked at as an opportunity for you to grow as a person.

It wouldn’t be prudent to simply cast this person out yonder simply because they said something that goes against an opinion or belief you have.

A chance for growth as a person is something that should never be taken lightly.

You get an opportunity to look at this opinion or belief from an angle you never have.

It doesn’t automatically mean you change your opinion or belief.

Growth isn’t always about you making a change.

But, you are open-minded enough to listen to an opinion or belief from a point of view of someone who has had a different experience in life.

Instead of instantly denouncing this person in your mind, it’s an opportunity to reflect.

Sometimes, if you are honest enough with the process, you discover something new and find yourself on a new path in how you go about living your life, whether you and this relationship prospect continue on or not.

Other times, after listening to the opinion or belief and having some time to truly reflect without allowing outside influences pushing you into any one corner, you remain steadfast in your original stance.

This is growth as well.

An opportunity to honestly reflect on a long-held opinion or belief in a way you never have, is a manner of growth, even if you end up holding on to your original opinion or belief.

All in all, keep yourself from doing what most people do in situations like this. Stubbornly crossing your arms and crossing this person off your list of relationship potentials works against you.

You ruin an opportunity for growth.

Taking the time to strongly consider what they are saying are moments that help you grow as a person, irrespective of whether you come to agree with them or retain your prior opinion or belief.

It makes you a better person, partner, friend, etc.

Short of something clearly egregious, someone who believes in cooking and eating kids, for instance, every difference of opinion or belief should be given a chance to percolate inside your head.

You never know what you come to discover about yourself, life and relationships.

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