Why Do Guys Always Lie To Me When They Are Courting Me?

When there is a pattern in your life of guys always lying to you, there is a poignant reason for that.

Why Do Guys Always Lie To Me When They Are Courting Me?Truth be told, you are drawn to or attracted to guys like this.

Take account of the sort of guys you talk to and give your attention.

When these guys have the same demeanor and background, you are picking the wrong guys.

Take a hard look at your choices in guys.

It’s tempting to want to play the victim.

You believe you have always had the best of intentions and are good by nature.

This makes it that much harder for you to look at the choices that you make in guys.

Be real with yourself and take the blinders off.

Take a real look at the sort of guys you are attracted to or want to be in relationships with.

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Where there are similarities, start focusing on guys who don’t share some of those qualities.

This gives you a broader spectrum of guys to talk to and leads to a guy who doesn’t lie to you.

Guys you like often talk about themselves, barely talking about you.

These guys flirt with a lot of girls.

They are adept at getting female attention and seem to relish it wherever they go.

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Traits like this in the guys that you talk to, puts you in constant risk of meeting guys who will always lie to you.

You are better off talking to a guy who doesn’t exhibit these behaviors.

Additionally, guys always lie to you when you make them feel like they have to.

These guys feel like you jump into relationships or deep feelings too quickly.

You are too overzealous in wanting that relationship to happen.

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This is where you do an introspection.

How often are you already finding yourself calling them or texting them multiple times a day or sending them constant social media messages through Snapchat when you barely know them?

When you are overzealous or overeager to be with a guy too soon, that makes him want to lie to you so as not to put himself in a difficult situation.

It’s probable he was into you in the beginning.

As he has come to realize that you are too eager to get into a relationship or hear from him, he lies to you in order to protect himself and keep you away.

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The guy you choose and how you behave are the root causes of why guys always lie to you.

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