How Do I Get Him To Take Me Seriously?

How Do I Get Him To Take Me Seriously?

To get him to take you seriously, you have to come to terms with what you truly want.

Once you realize and are sure of it, you will have to honestly assess whether this guy wants the same.

He may not be taking you seriously because he is not willing to take anyone seriously at this time.

This means that it isn’t just about you.

If he is not willing to take anyone seriously at this time, he will not give you any special treatment either.

Hence, it is really important to assess whether this is the kind of guy that is actually willing to get serious in a relationship.

If you determine that he isn’t, you may be better off ending the relationship and moving on to avoid prolonged heartache.

If you determine that he may be the type that is open to this, you will have to convey what you want to him.

He may not know.

He may think that you are both on the same page.

He may believe that all you want is to have a casual and non-committal relationship with him.

You would have to enlighten him about this.

Now, it is important that you are clear about this.

You can’t just drop subtle hints at him hoping that he gets it.

A lot of guys, especially those who are relatively closed off emotionally, are either not going to get the hints or will conveniently ignore them.

You would have to be clear and obvious about what you really want out of all of this.

If you want him to take you seriously and take the relationship to the next level, this is what you will have to let him know.

Besides letting him know, you also have to ensure that you are indeed doing this for the right reasons.

Try not to do this because you feel like the clock is running out on you for some reason.

Some women fall into this trap.

They believe that it is time to take the relationship to the next level for fear of losing out on the precious years of their youth or simply being left behind by their family and friends as far as committed romantic relationships are concerned.

You can’t force this on him simply because you feel like you are on some kind of clock.

When you approach this issue in this manner, you are setting yourself up for possible failure in the future even if you do get into a serious relationship with him.

What tends to happen is that you realize that you made a poor decision and you now become unhappy because your emotional needs are not being met.

In order to get him to take you seriously, don’t give him the impression that you are on some kind of time crunch.

If he gets the sense that you are doing this, you may push him away for good.

Now, do understand that he will take this news in his own way.

In other words, he may have to reflect on it and ponder.

He may not be willing to give you an immediate straight answer or response.

Hence, you may have to be patient for a while in order to allow him to come to terms with his own emotions.

Ensure that you give him this time without pressuring him for an answer.

The more you pressure him, the less likely he will be willing to come to terms with how he feels.

He may simply keep pushing back his decision until you get fed up.

This isn’t what you want.

Give him a fair amount of time to figure it out without interference.

However, if he hasn’t come around with a straight answer in a week or less, you may be better off leaving him be and moving on.

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