Do Men Just Not Like Relationships?

Do Men Just Not Like Relationships?

It is frustrating for you.

No matter who you meet and how promising it starts, the men you date never want to get into committed relationships.

It has you thinking that men just don’t like relationships.

It’s not like you are rushing him to get into a relationship with you right away.

That isn’t your style.

Patience is exercised, giving him time to get to know you and vice versa.

No desperation on your part.

Notwithstanding, such patience should have a payoff in the end.

It never does.

These men strictly seem to want to hook up into perpetuity without long-term commitment.

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There have been sporadic short-term relationships here and there, but they never follow through with settling down.

You aren’t talking about young men in their teens and early twenties.

A guy this young is discovering himself and getting further experience in the world of dating.

This makes perfect sense.

You are talking about men who are past this era.

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These are men in their late twenties and beyond.

These men seem stuck in a time loop it seems, constantly reliving their teenage years and early twenties by never wanting to settle down.

You don’t get it.

Why wouldn’t these men want to settle down and be in a relationship with a good woman?

You aren’t looking for anything you aren’t prepared to give.

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This isn’t about trapping any man.

It’s about being with a man who wants to get serious with you and spend the rest of his life with you.

Is that too much to ask for?

With each year you age, you are exponentially frustrated.

It keeps getting worse, as though you are living in a twilight zone.

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It doesn’t seem real sometimes.

Whenever you see couples in public, there is a part of you that wonders whether you are looking at a mirage.

You envy the woman as she walks with her man hand in hand.

What makes you so different from her?

It isn’t looks.

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You are attractive enough.



Good-paying job.

Own your own place.

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You aren’t a loser by any means, as you do have a lot going for you.

Yet, each night you get into bed, you are lonely.

And no, you don’t want just anyone in your bed.

You want the right guy who wants to be in a serious relationship.

I have great news.

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Men do like being in a relationship.

Not all of them are exclusively looking to hook up.

Ask yourself about the types of men you want to get into a relationship with.

Some women complain about their inability to find a man who wants to be in a relationship, and yet, keep choosing men who are reputed womanizers, with a history of hooking up with an endless trail of women.

Unfortunately, she convinces herself that she is the one who is primed to change the womanizer and make him settle down.

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Many of them live to regret it.

He doesn’t change.

He remains a womanizer.

Are you perennially attracted to emotionally unavailable men who have a reputation for being womanizers?

This is akin to younger women in their teens and early twenties who have little dating experience, and misguidedly pick emotionally unavailable men, too caught up on the excitement and unpredictability of it.

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At this stage in your life, you are older and wiser.

Consider making a change in the nature of men you like to date.

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