Can Things Turn Serious If It Started Off Casual With Someone You Care About?

Yes, things can turn serious if it started off casual and this is someone you have since developed feelings for.

Can Things Turn Serious If It Started Off Casual With Someone You Care About?However, you are better off letting this person know how you feel right now instead of waiting.

When people wait for things to get serious, they exacerbate the situation.

The reason why this is not the right approach is because a casual relationship isn’t defined with anything definitive in mind.

A casual relationship is basically a relationship that is being experienced in the moment.

It is not mapped out or consistent, and has no real bearing.

It is about how you both feel in the here and now.

The longer the casual relationship lasts, the easier it is to fall into this lackadaisical and noncommittal mode of thinking.

When this mode of thinking becomes habit, it is a lot more difficult for the casual relationship to get serious.

It is so much more challenging to break out of that mode of thinking.

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Should one partner eventually break out of it, the other remains so used to being in a casual relationship that they are incapable of doing the same.

After this much time, to suddenly want this person to start thinking about the relationship in a different way is disingenuous.

This is why it is crucial that you let this person know what you want right now.

Tell them that you are looking for a serious relationship.

By doing this, you have planted the seed.

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Even if the person is against it at this time, with some time to reflect, they come to realize that they do want a serious relationship.

Sometimes this is honestly all it takes for someone to realize that they want more than they thought they did in a relationship.

That other person has to step up and be clear about the fact that they want a serious relationship.

Once one partner has stepped up, it is easier for the other to come on board.

Should they be against it, more time is required for them to figure out their own feelings.

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In the event this person misses you after you reveal what you want, they come to realize that they have feelings for you.

This is why you have to be firm about this.

Don’t just tell them that you want a serious relationship but allow the casual relationship to keep going on.

Doing this causes the person to believe that you are not serious about what you want.

You should be steadfast in what you want.

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You can’t continue the casual relationship.

You have to stop it in order to send the right message to this person.

They convince you to keep going but you can’t.

You have to give them the opportunity to truly reflect on what they want.

Once they have had this time to reflect on what they want, they come back, realizing that they want a serious relationship as well.

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Supposing they don’t come back, you get to move on to someone who actually wants a serious relationship.

This still bodes well for you.

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