Do I Tell Him I Love Him Even When He Might Not Feel The Same Way?

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Do I Tell Him I Love Him Even When He Might Not Feel The Same Way?

You shouldn’t tell him you love him if you have only known him for a little while and haven’t been in a relationship with him for long.

He may be the kind that falls in love a lot slower than at the pace that you normally fall in love.

If he is in a relationship with you, he may ultimately get to the point where he actually falls in love with you.

However, if you were to force the issue at this point in time by telling him that you love him, you may push him away.

So, you do need to understand this and practice some patience.

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Now, if this is a guy that you have been with for a while, you may be justified in trying to find out how he feels about you.

You don’t have to tell him that you love him.

However, if you are still confused about how he feels about you and you have at least been going out with him exclusively for six months, you do have a right to figure out where his heart is.

You don’t have to be so forward in telling him that you love him.

However, you can tell him that you have developed deep feelings for him and would like to know where he stands emotionally.

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It is important that after this much time, you have a sense of where his emotions are.

He can’t give the excuse that he isn’t sure.

In six months or more of being in an exclusive relationship with you, he should have a very good sense of what those feelings are.

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If he were to give you an ambiguous answer, it may be because he wants to keep you around but knows deep down that nothing will ever come of this.

This is the position you should never want to be in.

You should never want to be someone who is simply there for convenience.

You should never want to be the person that will be easily discarded when someone better comes along.

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This is something that you will have to be very mindful of.

If you have dedicated this much time to the relationship, it may be the most prudent to at least know where he stands emotionally.

When a guy has been with you for this long and he still can’t figure out where he stands, he may be wasting your time.

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If you were to give him even more time, you may be hoping for something to happen that never will.

Now, he doesn’t necessarily have to be in love with you at this stage but he should still have some sense of where he wants to take the relationship and where his feelings lie.

Hence, your best bet would be to give your relationship at least six months before you let him know about how you are feeling and inquire about how he is feeling as well.

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If he doesn’t give you a clear answer, you may be better off ending this relationship so that you don’t waste too much time and emotion on someone who may be using you.

It’s best to know where you stand now than to continuously keep hoping that he will develop feelings for you that he currently may not have.

In the end, in any relationship, there has to be a good balance of feelings for both parties.

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If most of the feeling is coming from your end, you would have an unbalanced relationship and that isn’t healthy.

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