Do I Tell Him I Love Him Even When He Might Not Feel The Same Way?

You shouldn’t tell him you love him if you have only known him for a little while, and haven’t been in a relationship with him for long.

Do I Tell Him I Love Him Even When He Might Not Feel The Same Way?He is potentially someone who falls in love a lot slower than at the pace that you normally fall in love.

When you let your relationship with him progress naturally, it’s conceivable that he falls in love with you.

However, if you were to force the issue at this period in time by telling him that you love him, you run the risk of pushing him away.

Acknowledge this and practice patience.

This aside, if he is a guy that you have been with for a while, you are justified in finding out how he feels about you.

An exclusive relationship that has persisted for at least six months gives you the right to ask him about where his heart is.

You don’t have to be so forward in telling him that you love him.

Tell him that you have developed deep feelings for him and want to know where he stands emotionally.

It is important that after this much time, you have a sense of where his emotions are.

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He can’t give the excuse that he isn’t sure.

In six months or more of being in an exclusive relationship with you, he should have a solid sense of what those feelings are.

If he were to give you an ambiguous answer, it signifies that he wants to keep you around, but knows deep down that nothing will ever come of this.

This is the worst position to be in, as it means that he is dating you for mere convenience.

A guy that regards you in this vain won’t hesitate to discard you when when someone better comes along.

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Be mindful of this.

Having dedicated this much time to the relationship, it’s prudent to at least know where he stands emotionally.

When a guy has been with you for this long and he still can’t figure out where he stands, he is wasting your time.

You would be misguided in giving him additional time, hoping his feelings for you deepen.

These feelings don’t change.

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That said, he doesn’t necessarily have to be in love with you at this stage, but he should still have a sense of where he wants to take the relationship, and where his feelings lie.

Your best bet is to give your relationship at least six months before you let him know about how you are feeling, and inquire about how he is feeling in tandem.

If he doesn’t give you a clear answer, you are better off ending this relationship so that you don’t waste too much time and emotion on someone who is using you.

It’s best to know where you stand now, than to continuously keep hoping that he develops feelings for you that he doesn’t have.

In the end, in any relationship, there has to be a good balance of feelings shared by either party.

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When you are the one who cares far more for your partner, the power dynamics in the relationship is unbalanced, and that isn’t healthy.

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